Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- July 28th Edition

Well, NYC..we survived the now here is my weekly Loveapocalpse list!

~~Finding these two websites to embrace my girl geekdom: The Mary Sue-- A Guide to Girl Geekdom and Fashionably Geek

~~This video:

~~Having friends of mine participate in the 30 Day Book Challenge with me.

~~Going to see Captain America at a matinee price.

~~Helping David's dad on editing his resume.

~~Getting comfortable in wearing shorts during summer. Yes I have pale white legs. SO WHAT? It is hot out there and I will be comfortable darn you!

~~Two weeks to California! I am excited!

~~This watch. I am definitely a math geek and want this watch like NOW Math Formula Watch

~~Talking to someone on Etsy about making me a custom pair of pyramid studded Converse sneakers.

~~Making new friends at the Caprice Crane book signing.

~~Having a young child give up their seat for me WHILE none of the "men" did. If I was in Atlanta or Chicago....

~~Getting slimmer in my sides and feeling better about myself.

~~Still having the ability to make small talk wherever I go.

~~Thinking of outfits for California already.

~~The song "Mirrors" by Natalia Kills. Listen NOW

What are you in love with this week? Let your Loveapocalpse flow!

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