Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Amour Jeudi -- July 19th Edition

This week has definitely been an interesting and fun one if you live in the New York City area. With that said, here is what I am in amour with this week. Oh and just in case you do not know, Jeudi is Thursday in French.

~~Studying French! I have changed my cell phone and computer to French and it helps. Trying to immerse myself as much as I can in the language.

~~Game night with the NYC Geek Girl Adventure Club. Even though there was a horrendous and disaster filled storm yesterday, 9 of us (myself included) braved it to Argo Tea Cafe and played some Apples to Apples and had the biggest laughs and fun ever. I want to play again!

~~My new water shoes for when I go swimming.

~~Side pony twists in my hair.

~~This video, especially at 2:52 and 3:21

What are you in amour with this week?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bonne fin de semaine!

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun, even though NYC was hit with a brutal heat wave. When I told my friends that my knees were feeling better and that David and I were off to see Spiderman: Turn off the Dark on Broadway (by the way if you are a hardcore comics enthusiast like myself, you will not like this musical. Yes it is a musical with way too many music numbers) all I heard was "aren't you melting?" to which I gave my standard reply:

Paris, France. 2003. No A/C. Just a fan and a shower. I survived.

That immediately shuts people up. I did meet a girl outside of the theater who claims to have seen Spiderman the musical 107 times. Well that is 106 times too many in my opinion. After the play, I did my best speed walk to the subway then to the PATH in 95 degree weather at 1040pm and I was home by 1130pm in my arctic tundra of a room.

Saturday, which was not as bad as Friday, David and I went to the New York Public Library -- Main Branch (like I need anymore books...) to hang out with the stacks and view some artifacts as well as say hello to Patience and Fortitude
It was a lovely time. After about three hours of studying, writing, and relaxing we ventured our way to the F train to the restaurant Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecote. Yay opportunity to practice my French! I had a voucher from Gilt City which was a steak frites dinner for two. That is all they serve -- Start with a green salad with mustard vinaigrette topped with walnuts, followed by steak frites but they do welcome vegetarians where you will start with a green salad with mustard vinaigrette topped with walnuts, followed by a selection of cheeses and accompanied by frites plus a dessert of your choice. Dinner is $25.95 per person but with my voucher I got dinner for two for $31 dollars. Savings! While the food is decent, I wish I was able to practice more French but most of the waitstaff did not speak fluently. It is all good. Maybe I will go back to Tartinery,,,,

Sunday, still hot but not as bad and my knees letting the heat stretch them out, was movie day with the girls! No we did not see Magic Mike, even though we want to. I just finished reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame Smith in preparation for this movie and I must say the translation from book to movie was superb! As it should be since the author of the book also wrote the screenplay. It is a pleasant film with an ORIGINAL IDEA; which unfortunately the reboot/remake is becoming the norm in the Hollywood industry. Afterward we went off to Cosi where I had their signature salad (Mixed greens tossed with red grapes, pears, pistachios, dried cranberries and gorgonzola cheese. Tossed with sherry shallot vinaigrette) and a regular tomato soup. I know, I know soup during a heatwave but it was nummy.

Tomorrow my brother and I are off to see Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper in the Prudential Center located in Newark, NJ. Can not wait! Thank you to my knees -- Stubborn and Jealous -- for healing so I can enjoy my life again in not so much pain.

How was your weekend?