Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday -- November 2013 Edition

Can you believe it is the end of November already? Where did the time go? Also if you are reading this that means it is time for another…


Here is what I am in love with for the month of November.

--Em Cosmetics Shade Play concealer palette. It came with my main concealer shade, a lighter concealer shade, a deeper concealer shade, a highlighter, a peach neutralizer to hide dark circles and a yellow corrector for the nasty red spots. My skin tone varies throughout the year so for Michelle Phan to come up with this was brilliant!

--This video, which I might re-create. Very cute idea.

--This video of Crossbow Training with Norman Reedus on Conan O'Brien. Downright hilarious!

--Healing Home Foods Raw Flax Crackers in Fresh Herb Pizza. They are delicious and gives me my pizza fix, since I can not have pizza anymore.

--Veronica Varlow having a Truck Stop Spa as she is chasing her dream. Love it!

--This commercial featuring my gay husband Zachary Quinto:

--This cover of "Run to the Hills" by In This Moment:

--Speaking of In This Moment, seeing them in concert as a headliner with my nerdy bff Veronica.

--Having the ability to smooth talk anyone to get what I want -- standing room only at a concert? I find a seat and get my own section all to myself. Friend not on the guest list for a meet and greet with her favorite band? I talk to everyone on the line and find a girl who had an extra pass. I get shizz done!

--Being part of Learn the Address where I recited the Gettysburg Address to celebrate its 150th Anniversary

--Sitting in my French school killing some time before my class led to tutoring a child with his math which then followed with him playing chess on the computer and the child yelling out loud "Man that was a horrible move! What was I doing???" It was so cute and made me smile.

--Getting some notoriety for my recitation of the Gettysburg Address for the 150th Anniversary. Read the article and view my video here: Learn the Address, Asbury Park!

--Obtaining an "Doctorate of Gishology" from Misha Collins

--Learning and becoming inspired by Made You Look by Lex, a self-taught makeup artist from Chicago. Check out her YouTube channel at

--Competing in my second murder mystery weekend in Allenberry, PA/Boiling Springs, PA during Thanksgiving weekend.

What are you in love with for the month of November?