Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things I Love -- April 2014 Edition

Well...end of April....this year is just going too fast again. SLOW DOWN TIME! Before I know it, I will be getting ready for the holidays again!

Besides all of that, here is what I have enjoyed and loved in the month of April.

--The fun little quizzes on or Zimbio. It is amazing how the descriptions of various characters mimic my personality.

--The new design on Gala Darling's website. So pretty and bright and shiny!

--Cultivating and bringing to life 4 butterflies in my classroom. Yay Science!

--Ghost stories and walking tours in New Orleans. It reignited my love of all things paranormal.

--The way my students say goodbye when they leave for the day. Love their sparkle in their eyes and warm smiles.

--Getting wanderlust feelings and feeling inspiration at every turn.

--Noticing signs concerning a certain man in my life that make me smile.

--Inspirational quotes that make you go A-HA! and smile.

--Learning and investigating my past life.

--This is pretty cool. Do you need a hug but no one is around? GO HERE -- Need a Hug?

--Rekindling my love affair with my boyfriend that is NYC by watching this video --

What were in love with in the month of April?