Monday, March 31, 2014

Things I Love -- March 2014 Edition

Wow is it the end of March already? 2014 has been going fairly well for me, even though right now I am in the middle of a retrograde but dealing with it well. Well enough of that negativity, lets get on with the louvre at hand!

Here is what I love for the month of March --

--The song "Work B*tch" by Britney Spears. Yes I know it was out in 2013 but I am always late to the party. Listen to the song here:

--Finally realizing the reason of my dating/single slump and that is being afraid of falling in love again. I do not want a repeat of 2005-2013 so I have put up this massive wall around my heart. It is time to start tearing that wall down brick by brick and open my heart back up to receiving and giving love.

--The teaser trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Oh my goodness is it filled with loads of sexy -- check it out here:

--Having movie dates with my father. We went to see Mr Peabody and Sherman and it was great!

--Getting addicted to the show Sons of Anarchy. Did not think I would but damn is it a great show. I know most women lust after Jax Teller, and do not get me wrong he is fine but my cleanup on Sons of Anarchy would have to be Juice.

--Watching a very lovey dovey couple sitting in Argo Tea Cafe and smiling over it.

--Eavesdropping on a French conversation and understanding all of it.

--That one of my favorite cartoons, Peanuts, will have a movie coming soon! Watch the teaser trailer here:

--Having one of my students ask me if I was allergic to boys. It was cute…especially at that age.

--Starting a new morning and night routine with The Five Minute Journal. It makes a difference.

--My friend Daniel telling me about this great violinist named Lindsey Stirling. This is my favorite by her:

--Having great discussions over books at Argo Tea Cafe with my Geek Girl Adventure Group. It is inspiring to actually talk to women with similar interests and ideas and that it is not all about shopping and the latest material items.

--This article. Yes What To Do If You Are Falling Out of Love with NYC
What are you in love with for the month of March?

--Spending the birthday with my mom at The Sands in PA!

--Receiving surprise birthday flowers from Daniel when I returned home from The Sands in PA with my mom.

~~Chocolate almond cookies…soooo yummy!

What are you in love with this month?

Friday, February 28, 2014

Things I Love -- February 2014 Edition

Well hello there my lovely readers! It is that time of the month again….wait…that does not sound right. No I do not mean it is time for a ladies gimmick, I mean it is time for….


So here you go ladies and gents, here is what I louvre for the month of February.

--This link: 13 Dogs That Are Having The Best Day Ever!

--A daily love tarot card on February 10th that rang so true I have to post it:

The Four of Chalices card suggests that a gift of love and support may be offered to you by a compassionate, committed or reliable source willing to go out on a limb just when you feel like no one cares. If you are too wrapped up in your perceived problems, you might not recognize the attempt at outreach and miss the opportunity that could lead to romantic renewal. Don't focus too much on what you don't have, or you could become resentful or condescending of the happiness and passion of others.

--Having two book clubs with some lively conversation.

--Grateful to Revolver Magazine foe exposing me to bands I have never heard of.

--Thankful for random surprise gifts from my Funshine Buddy at work that make me smile.

--Having lazy days due to Snomaggedon 2014.

--Being selected as a 2014 Book Giver for World Book Night! Go here to find out more info --

--Having marking out/fangirling moments over the Westminster Dog Show.

--Reconnecting with former college friends via Facebook.

--My infected zombie mug from my friend Joe.

--Warm cozy socks when it is below zero with the wind chill.

--The ice skating genius that is Evgeni Plushenko. It is a shame he had to retire due to medical reasons but this man on the ice is flawless. Watch this fan montage :

What are you in love with for February?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Survive Mars Retrograde

I have grown tired of Mercury getting all of the fame and fortune for when it goes into retrograde. Other ruling planets do go into retrograde as well and I am here to discuss my ruling planet -- MARS.

The planets are swinging around at all times, and their movements affect us all in a myriad of different ways. All planets do go into retrograde, but it seems that Mercury’s journey impacts people much more than any other. Well here I am to dispel that myth! Now while I do admit that Mercury Retrograde does happen to me, it is not my ruling planet and the things that happen during Mercury Retrograde do not really affect me.

Let me go through this line item by line item. Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, so when it goes retrograde — which basically means it looks like it’s going backwards — all those things Mercury rules go backward. They start to get ugly and tangle up.

Now we all have read, or at least I have read, what happens when Mercury goes into retrograde and how to handle it, but I have not seen one blog post or article concerning Mars or I do not see a lot of articles about it because it is a rare event.(Well people ruled by Mars are rare and unique so…) Luckily enough, Mars retrograde only happens once every two years and for two months. Mars is set to go into retrograde on March 1st through May 19, 2014. .

So I mentioned above what Mercury guides and looks over. But again as I said -- this post is not about Mercury. So what exactly does Mars effect?

In general, Mars, the god of warriors, rules physical energy and efforts. His placement in your chart expresses the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego, your will to achieve. Mars fires your emotions and energizes your passions, but also powers your mental endeavours and communicative skills.

Mars describes male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges you are likely to encounter. Well-placed, Mars endows powerful energy and an indomitable will to succeed, but when poorly placed can mean accidents, injuries, fits of anger, rage, warfare or other forms of violence, according to the inclinations of the sign and house concerned.

Mars loves to rush forward. The grass is always greener on the other side of that hill, so Mars does not react well to being held back, or... (gasp!) going backwards! Mars retrograde therefore gives rise to irrational action; introspection; depression and self-assessment; sexual issues and relationship conflicts. Major rethinks and reorientation of current projects are also often required.

So what should you do during this time? Here is what I suggest.

When Mars is in retrograde, it depletes the vitality so that it is never a time to initiate. *Whoever initiates loses*— if you have a new project, a great love, an argument, a lawsuit, or an international war -- DO NOT START IT BETWEEN MARCH 1ST THROUGH MAY 19TH if you can. With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. With a hot romance, it can too fizzle out and it rarely gets to the alter; that is of course you want it to. With an argument, the hostility will come back to haunt you later. In legal matters, stoke your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first. It will be etched in granite that they will lose. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally fizzle out. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly. The anger may disrupt indirectly and inappropriately – like getting a traffic ticket when you feel annoyed with your job. So drive with caution!

During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical unless it is heavily insured! Office machinery and computers easily break down for some strange reason. I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars is in retrograde. Maybe that is why Spring break is so late this year….

Now for those who have Aries or Scorpio strong in their horoscopes are dramatically affected by this shift in direction of their natural ruler. For myself, remember my sign is Aries, I have found myself being less aggressive, less pushy and less impatient to have my own way in a situation. For the past couple of weeks, I have been inclined to sit back and review matters in a more detached or impersonal way. I have become more patient to wait on circumstances to unfold before I take action. This is not normal for me. I am also less angry. I might express an unusual passiveness while under fire because I take some time to process the situation before I can make a decision Only when Mars turns direct can they move the Mars energy forward.

Now for those who are NOT ruled by Mars, it may feel quite differently. You may feel more impatient to force matters to a conclusion, to get a project going or to take immediate action. This would be an unwise course of action! Remember, initiating or impulsively taking action will not work to your favor, especially if it is with a person who is ruled by Mars.

I have my fingers crossed for the next two months. Do not worry my friends -- you will get through this. Good luck!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Things I Love -- January 2014 Edition

Why hello there faithful reader! In case you do not know what this series is about -- this blog is where I tell you all of the things have made me swoon with love for the month. I still keep a daily gratitude/love list but instead of writing that every day, or every week, I decided to keep it to once a month. It helps me keep the positive and the smile on my face that I love. It is a great habit to get into when you are feeling blue. Something about writing down the positives in your life is just so uplifting! Try it sometime and tell me if I am wrong that your mood does not change.

With that said, here is what I love for the month of January!

--That this is my first blog post for the year 2014.

--That I do not let little things get to me/stress me out.

--That most of my students grasped the concept of counting by 2s with a trick I shown.

--Nice conversations throughout my workday that make me smile.

--For people willing to watch me inject myself with Humira so the pain is not as bad.

--Heated blankets during this polar vortex.

--Air popped popcorn with a mixture of cinnamon sugar and sea salt. Nom and yum!

--Getting used to methotrexate (one of the drugs I have to take for RA) not wiping me out/making me tired.

--Comfy warm sweaters with hearts on them.

--My unicorn slippers when my feet are worn and tired.

--Warm chocolate almond milk on a snowy night.

--Receiving "good morning beautiful" messages before I go to work.

--Egg white sandwiches on panini bread.

--Watching Jeopardy! and getting an entire category correct.

--Blueberries on anything.

--Using Nair for the first time on my nether regions and having it worked and not being sensitive afterward.

--Finally getting my foster cat, Domino, adopted!

--Chicken wings, fresh herb crackers, and Argo Tea on Fridays after work for relaxation.

--Comfy trapeze style dresses that do not make me look pregnant.

--Losing a whole person without the aid of gastric bypass or some other kind of stomach stapling surgery.

--Being part of a wrestling podcast again.

--Sending my friends surprises just because.

--The return of Sherlock!

--Having a "lets turn my phone off for the night and see if anyone will text/voicemail me without me doing it first" experiment fail as I received a phone call from a long lost friend from ISCA BBS.

--Smelling like a marshmallow gingerbread cupcake.

--Walking in the snow with a huge smile on my face.

--Having songs by Frank Sinatra dedicated to me.

--Getting a crystal clear stream of WWE Royal Rumble on my computer. Thanks Joe!

--The talk show Bethenny. Did not think I would like it as much as I do.

So my faithful, what are you in love with for the month of January?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 Pop Culture Favorites

With some inspiration from Stephen King, I asked myself this question -- Did I have a great year pop culturally speaking? I would have to say yes; and this years list includes only things I enjoyed in 2013 and that is fine. Here is a list of 15 things that made me squee with fandom. Please remember -- I am more interested in entertaining myself than in a OMG this is a great moment/statement. So let us get this ride started.

15: The book Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe by Tim Leong. This book was fascinating and filled with so much information that made me go "wow" and I truly learned something. Also, I love graphs/pie charts/venn diagrams and other sorts of graphic organizing to explain information.

14: September was DC Comics Villains Month and I soaked it all up like it was no ones business. I think this was a first for DC Comics where they spent an entire month writing origins/one shots of just the villains. I am really not too sure but in any event I loved it!

13: Enjoying New York Comic Con and Chiller Theatre. Usually with myself I enjoy only one and it is usually Chiller Theatre but this year going to NYCC on a Thursday was a wise idea. I delved more into my bookworm self at NYCC and caught up with some past people at Chiller Theatre. It was a fun time.

12: The game show The Chase on Game Show Network. It is such an interesting concept: The series is based on the British show of the same name in which contestants try to win money by challenging a quiz show genius known as the Chaser. The series is hosted by Brooke Burns and features Mark Labbett ("The Beast") as the Chaser. The show follows the same format as the original UK version, but with three contestants instead of four. I love it and bite my nails when I watch it in anticipation for the contestants.

11: The television show American Horror Story: Coven. I enjoy the fact that you do not have to watch the other seasons to follow along plus the story lines have so many twists and turns it makes your head spin. Plus Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and Angela Bassett all in one show playing bad ass villains? SIGN ME UP.

10: The YouTube sensation known as Ryan Higa. He is amazing and makes relevant videos poking fun at pop culture. If you have not seen any of his videos, go to his page linked here -- Ryan Higa

9: The television show that isn't really a television show since you can only see it on Netflix and that is Orange is the New Black. When I first saw it I know I compared it to a female version of Oz but the more I watched, the more I enjoyed the dark comedy that was going on. It was also a pleasure to see Laura Prepon and Jason Biggs back on screen.

8: Even though the fandom of zombies is starting to wane, which I appreciate, I noticed myself getting more and more involved with makeup applications and also admiring and gaining inspiration from the SyFy competition show Face/Off. I have a growing list of makeup tutorials videos I want to try. Wish it was Halloween every day!

7: The dating show Baggage on Game Show Network. Now this show is no longer produced and yes it is hosted by Jerry Springer. Here is the concept: Similar to The Dating Game, Baggage gives three contestants the chance to win the eye of a prospective date. The contestants carry three suitcases onstage: a small, medium, and large one. Each suitcase contains an embarrassing, unique, or weird proposition the contestant may have; for example, bad habits (e.g. "I share a bed with my grandmother"), strange relationship preferences ("My partner must dress up as Santa Claus"), issues with one's past ("I'm an outlaw in Mexico"), and strange hobbies ("I play video games 30 hours a week"). These cases represent the "baggage" to which they will confess and defend. The bigger the suitcase, the bigger the secret. Once the three contestants are pared down to one, the potential dater must admit to a fault of his or her own. Some of the suitcase secrets are downright disgusting or so made up that you know this show is scripted. It is great for a good laugh and puts my own dating endeavors into perspective.

6: Believing in The Shield. Do I need to say anything else? This faction is the only reason why I still watch WWE.

5: Now this only happened due to my close friend out in Indiana, PA who participates in the murder mystery weekend at the Allenberry Inn and since this years theme was time travel, it goes without mention, yes I sort of got into Doctor Who. Granted I have not watched every season and can not claim David Tennant as my doctor like my good friend does, but it is an interesting concept and an interesting show. I will watch the new season with the new doctor come September.

4: The return of my favorite musical Les Miserables to Broadway! Seeing Zachary Quinto in The Glass Menagerie on Broadway! Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan in the same play on BROADWAY. Yes Broadway was a big theme in my pop culture favorites this year and this will continue well into 2014.

3: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Yes, a million times yes. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and JJ Abrams have rebooted this series to much success and I could not be happier. We all knew who the villain was going to be and we all knew that it was a remake of The Wrath of Khan but did us Trekkies care, particularly this one? As Dean Ambrose would say, NOPE. Can not wait for Star Trek 3.

2: Not falling into/watching the remakes of The Evil Dead and I Spit on Your Grave. It is such a shame that the Hollywood Industry has no original thought anymore and think that by bringing back old favorites that do not need to be redone/not broke, that they will bring in a new audience. This is another pop culture favorite that I will continue in 2014.

And my number one 2013 pop culture favorite goes to….

1: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. Yes. Is there nothing this man can not do? From Sherlock to Khan to Smaug to various impressions and dancing on late night talk shows, he is superb. Yes he might not be considered conventionally sexy, but his acting ability just makes me swoon and I could watch him in anything. Heck have him paint my house and I am sure I would enjoy every second of it.

Honorable Mentions for 2013 Pop Culture Favorites: The dance craze known as THE HARLEM SHAKE as well as the viral video What Does The Fox Say, Jenna Marbles, Alexis Fleming from MadeYewLook, The return of my favorite comic series The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

So my fellow readers, what are your 2013 pop culture favorites? Why not answer the question in the first paragraph as I did? Remember -- what you enjoyed or were entertained by in 2013 does not have to be from 2013. This years blog for me just happened to be.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Advent Calendar 2013

Besides Halloween, I will admit I still get excited for Christmas time. Things just seem to be more magical in the month of December. Maybe it is because of my new found singledom or maybe it is due to still working in Kindergarten; I do not know. For the third year in a row, I am doing an activities Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas after reading some great articles online about it. I am big on traditions so here is an outline. Most of the things will be done either by myself or with family; others with my class or friends.

December 1st: Gather clothes and bring to The Bowery Mission. (Done!)
December 2nd: Make Christmas mix for my iPod and burn a disc of it for my Funshine Buddy in work. (Done!)
December 3rd: Get holiday cards. (Done!)
December 4th: Wear mistletoe headband. (Done!)
December 5th: Go decorate some cookies with The Group that Shall Not be Named (Harry Potter NYC Meetup) (Done!)
December 6th: Get some chocolate coins and give them to people who make me smile. (Done!)
December 7th: Wear Christmas ornament earrings, get some hot chocolate at Hu Kitchen & walk around Union Square holiday market. (Done!)
December 8th: Go to Argo Tea Cafe with some chocolate coins to hand out.
December 9th: Start writing out holiday cards (Done!)
December 10th: Get a holiday inspired manicure. Make sure one nail is sparkly! (Done!)
December 11th: Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. (Done!)
December 12th: Mail holiday cards. (Done!)
December 13th: Go take a picture with Santa Claus at Macy's.(Did not get around to going to Macy's. Oh well next year.)
December 14th: Go see the new Disney animated film Frozen. (Done!)
December 15th: Get a holiday inspired candle from Bath and Body Works. (Done!)
December 16th: Make Star Wars themed glitter snowflakes.
December 17th: Go watch some ice skaters in Bryant Park.
December 18th: Watch one of my favorite movies Untamed Heart and have a good cry.
December 19th: Cozy up in some pajamas and watch the Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (Done!)
December 20th: Wear ugly Christmas sweater to work. (Couldn't find can not do. Sad face.)
December 21st: Visit nephews/Veronica and Damian. (Done!)
December 22nd: Make sure all of my gifts are wrapped. (Done!)
December 23rd: Walk along 5th Avenue and look at the holiday windows
December 24th: Go Christmas caroling in Washington Square Park. (Done!)
December 25th: CHRISTMAS!!! Open presents and watch The Muppets Christmas Carol.

I hope all of my readers are enjoying this holiday season! What did you do for the season? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday -- November 2013 Edition

Can you believe it is the end of November already? Where did the time go? Also if you are reading this that means it is time for another…


Here is what I am in love with for the month of November.

--Em Cosmetics Shade Play concealer palette. It came with my main concealer shade, a lighter concealer shade, a deeper concealer shade, a highlighter, a peach neutralizer to hide dark circles and a yellow corrector for the nasty red spots. My skin tone varies throughout the year so for Michelle Phan to come up with this was brilliant!

--This video, which I might re-create. Very cute idea.

--This video of Crossbow Training with Norman Reedus on Conan O'Brien. Downright hilarious!

--Healing Home Foods Raw Flax Crackers in Fresh Herb Pizza. They are delicious and gives me my pizza fix, since I can not have pizza anymore.

--Veronica Varlow having a Truck Stop Spa as she is chasing her dream. Love it!

--This commercial featuring my gay husband Zachary Quinto:

--This cover of "Run to the Hills" by In This Moment:

--Speaking of In This Moment, seeing them in concert as a headliner with my nerdy bff Veronica.

--Having the ability to smooth talk anyone to get what I want -- standing room only at a concert? I find a seat and get my own section all to myself. Friend not on the guest list for a meet and greet with her favorite band? I talk to everyone on the line and find a girl who had an extra pass. I get shizz done!

--Being part of Learn the Address where I recited the Gettysburg Address to celebrate its 150th Anniversary

--Sitting in my French school killing some time before my class led to tutoring a child with his math which then followed with him playing chess on the computer and the child yelling out loud "Man that was a horrible move! What was I doing???" It was so cute and made me smile.

--Getting some notoriety for my recitation of the Gettysburg Address for the 150th Anniversary. Read the article and view my video here: Learn the Address, Asbury Park!

--Obtaining an "Doctorate of Gishology" from Misha Collins

--Learning and becoming inspired by Made You Look by Lex, a self-taught makeup artist from Chicago. Check out her YouTube channel at

--Competing in my second murder mystery weekend in Allenberry, PA/Boiling Springs, PA during Thanksgiving weekend.

What are you in love with for the month of November?