Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Countdown to Halloween -- 2014 Edition!

My favorite holiday, besides my birthday, is Halloween. I am drawn to all things Halloween/Autumn -- vampires, zombies, werewolves, cheesy 80s horror movies, dressing up, anything pumpkin flavored or scented, sweater weather... Just love it! With that said I thought it would be cool to do a COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN activities list. Most of this stuff will be done by myself or with friends/George. Yes I know there are dates attached but I am using it more as a check off list.

October 1st: Watch the movie Frankenweenie. (Done!)
October 2nd: Watch the movie Paranorman. (Done!)
October 3rd? Watch the movie Hotel Transylvania. (Done!)
October 4th: Watch the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Done!)
October 5th: Watch the German expressionist horror film Nosferatu. (Done!)
October 6th: Watch the movie Dead Still with George. (Done!)
October 7th: Wear skull hand hair clip to work. (Done!)
October 8th: Watch the movie Hocus Pocus.
October 9th: Attend New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javitz Center. (Done!)
October 10th: Make a Halloween playlist and burn it to a disc and send it to George.(Done!)
October 11th: Participate in the 8th Annual NYC Zombie Crawl. (Done!)
October 12th: Watch the Universal classic horror movies Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.
October 13th: Watch the movie Nightmare on Elm Street (original with Robert Englund)
October 14th: Get candles with a cinnamon or pumpkin smell from Bath and Body Works for my room. (Had one saved over from last year so I did not need to get more. Score!)
October 15th: Watch the movie Beetlejuice.
October 16th: Watch the movie Psycho (original Alfred Hitchcock version).
October 17th: Watch the cartoon Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Done!)
October 18th: Try the pumpkin spice chai tea at Argo (Done!) and Sweetest Day with George. (Done!)
October 19th: Visit a haunted house.
October 20th: Watch the movie The Evil Dead (original with Bruce Campbell)
October 21st: Watch the movie The Craft (Done!)
October 22nd: Get a beauty treatment that is pumpkin/fall inspired.
October 23rd: Get some Halloween inspired stickers for my students. (Done!)
October 24th: Watch the movie Hellraiser
October 25th: Watch the movie Friday the 13th Part One
October 26th: Wear cat ears to work.
October 27th: Watch the original John Carpenter's Halloween on AMC. (Done!)
October 28th: Watch the movie Teen Witch (Done!)
October 29th: Get a fall inspired color manicure. (Done!)
October 30th: Watch the movie The Lost Boys. (Done!)
October 31st: HALLOWEEN!!!

What are you doing for October/Halloween?