Monday, June 30, 2014

Things I Love -- June 2014 Edition

How can it be June already? It has hit the half way mark of 2014 and it is the end of the you know what that means??


Here is what I love for the month of June.

--Sir Mix A Lot performing "Baby Got Back" with the Seattle Symphony. If you have not seen it, well watch it now:

--The Paris Daydream candle from Bath and Body Works. It has this fresh moss/mandarin orange scent that makes me daydream about living in the City of Light. Retourne visite a Paris en mon future? DEFINITE!

--That I am officially on summer vacation.

--Sudden bursts of creativity at weird hours of the day and night.

--Spreading radical self love to some new friends I met through the fandom known as professional wrestling.

--Seeing Lindsey Stirling in concert. She is amazing and inspiring.

--Taking Dan to his first ever TNA Wrestling event. He was beyond happy. It was nice seeing that.

--Rediscovering and learning more about myself each and every day.

--Strong arms that hold you to make sure you do not fall while standing on a train.

--Being told that I am a lucky charm.

What have you loved in the month of June?