Friday, November 23, 2012

Le Geek Carousel #4

HAPPY BUY NOTHING FRIDAY! Thats right -- BUY NOTHING. Why does the day after Thanksgiving have to mean give into your primal urges and buy more stuff you probably do not need anyway? So on this day I give you a hearty geek carousel to keep you entertained that does not cost you a dime! Besides, after Chrishankwanzakah sales are the BEST!

--First and foremost, I need to make this announcement first. My BFF Nerd Herder Veronica and her husband Damian have secured a very special guest for their podcast on December 7th. If you are a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, you must listen to their podcast on December 7th at 9pm EST. Why you might ask? THEY HAVE A LIVE, ON AIR INTERVIEW WITH THE ONE, THE ONLY, JASON DAVID FRANK. Thats right ladies and gents, Tommy the Green Ranger as well as Tommy the White Ranger. This is an episode NOT to be missed. Here is the link: Nerd Herders Radio

--This needs to be made into a television show. Seriously. Smallville lasted 10 years.

--I am allergic to cats but this is cute: "Oskars First Toys wins Friskies' best cat video

--*smacks head* Yes because Battleship was so good....Award Winning Playwright Jez Butteworth Hired to write an ASTEROIDS movie. No, really.

--Jane Goldman to Write "Pinocchio for Robert Downey Jr. and Tim Burton

--FINALLY! Makeup Artist Rick Baker to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

--I do not want to see The Hobbit but I might just have to shell out the money for this: Star Trek Into Darkness to debut first 9 minutes in IMAX sneak preview

--This is pretty funny and well edited.

--As I start my Christmas advent calendar I am definitely making some Star Wars Snowflakes

--My ban on NYCC might have to be lifted for this: Operation BatGirl

--Shakespeare Choose Your Own Adventure? HECK TO THE YES PLEASE!

--New story posthumously from Ray Bradbury "Dear Santa"

--Yes! Tyreese is coming to AMC's The Walking Dead!

--I am still excited Huntress is coming to CW's Arrow. Here are 5 more pictures of her.

--More Reasons for me to spend money to see The Hobbit and then leave.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things I Love Thursday -- Thanksgiving Edition

This week I am thankful for....

1. I am thankful that I have the ability to communicate well with others.
2. I am thankful for all of our military personnel for keeping our country safe.
3. I am thankful for the ability to read critically
4. I am thankful for the roof over my head.
5. I am thankful for the food in my stomach, even if it is not healthy!
6. I am thankful that even though sometimes the job drives me up the wall that I do have a job to go to in the morning.
7. I am thankful for the food group known as chocolate.
8. I am thankful for my Italian culture and ancestry. Without it, a lot of art, music, and cuisine would not be around!
9. I am thankful for my friends who always try to keep me in balance.
10. I am thankful for the man known as David Cohen—my rock, my support, my Phenomenal.
11. I am thankful for cold nights—that means hot cocoa!
12. I am thankful when Maritza Camilo calls me at 8:30am and says “I need you to cover…”
13. I am thankful for my family—the true meaning of the word love.
14. I am thankful for Green Bubble Tea at Argo Tea Cafe.
15. I am thankful that there is train wreck/reality television because it puts my life into perspective and makes me realize that there are far more crazy and stupid people out there.
16. I am thankful for the sport known as hockey.
17. I am thankful for learning something new everyday.
18. I am most thankful for everything that God has provided for me, whether it is good or bad.
19. I am thankful for TiLt—Things I Love Thursday on
20. I am thankful for my dogs, Hudson and Sweetums (RIP). They know what unconditional love means.
21. I am thankful for my health, which has failed lately but getting back into control.
22. I am thankful for all of the strides and contributions to research for finding a cure for the deathly disease known as AIDS that took my cousin from me 19 years ago.
23. I am thankful for the smiles I see on my students when they pass my tests and catch on to the material I am teaching.
24. I am thankful for the muses that spontaneously hit me with creativity.
25. I am thankful for social networking websites that I can use to bond with former classmates and people from my past and also my current peeps.
26. I am thankful for the cities known as New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Paris!
27. I am thankful that I have all five senses so I can appreciate everything in my life.
28. I am thankful for really cheesy b-grade horror movies. They make me happy.
29. I am thankful for the world we live in, even if the economy sucks right now.
30. I am thankful to just be alive and spend my time with family and friends and myself doing the things I love.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Le Geek Carousel #3

Well it is Friday so we all know what this is time for..


I hope all of you had a fantastic week. I will admit -- this feature of mine is very fulfilling and satisfying my geek girl. Share it with your friends who might need some geekdom distracting.

Well let us get started now shall we?

I have no problem with admitting this -- I have read The Twilight Saga. Well with that series ending in the film version: Deadline has posted a trailer for The Host, another Stephenie Meyer book.

Oxford Dictionary names "GIF" as America's Word of the Year

Some more casting announcements for Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D.

Here is some Star Wars VII Speculation. Read it...if you dare!

Young Romance and it feels so good....DC Comics reignites Young Romance with Valentine's Day special.

You know I had to include the trailer for World War Z. ZOMBIES UNITE!

First Catwoman, now Robots -- Anne Hathaway joins the cast of Steven Spielberg's "Robopocalypse

Some spoilers concerning Pepper Potts and Iron Man 3.

Set Photos from Thor: The Dark World, which I am the excited about.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Le Geek Carousel #2

Thanks to everyone who love this feature! I enjoy sharing news that has a geek/nerd center of gravity as well as sharing my fandoms with the world. With that said, lets get this weeks Carousel started!

Yes! "Boy Meets World" follow up show in the works!

Look! It is a zombiefied Coraline! Mixing my two favorite fantoms -- zombies and Neil Gaiman! Can not handle it!

Are you a girl who likes superheroes? Well do not expect a superhero toy in your McDonalds happy meal as according to McDonalds superheroes are only for boys.

Give me the story of Alice + Jasper! Stephenie Meyer won't rule put the possibility of more Twilight

There is an actual Krypton? GET OUT!

Abe Lincoln better be part of this: New Vampire Hunter tv series coming!

For those that love Steampunk and knitting, this is a book for you!

Start to get excited for S.H.I.E.L.D! SHOOTING SCHEDULE HAS BEEN POSTED!

Here is an awesome cos-play music video from London Comic Con

When Disney bought LucasArts, one of the questions I constantly heard was "Is Princess Leia a Disney princess now?" I do not think so, but this video is pretty funny.

Marvel NOW! Gets and All-Female Team of Fearless Defenders. One of them as my name.

Here is the trailer for Warm Bodies. I suggest reading the book first.

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Feature: Le Geek Carousel!

Stemming from Gala Darling's Friday feature of various links and articles she has found on the Internet that she found interesting, I decided to do a Geek Carousel of where every Friday I post various links of stories/news in the geek fandom world that might be relevant. Hope you enjoy!

CALLING ALL MY HUNGER GAMES PEEPS: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 has found a director

Aww RIP Nyan Cat

Amazing Spiderman 2 will have Electro as its villain. Do not know if I agree.

YES! Huntress and Manhunter on the CW's Arrow!

I guess I have to start reading this series now: Locke and Key to get a three movie deal

I am not a gamer but a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer featuring ROBERT DOWNEY JR? Okay...maybe I will play. Maybe.

Some information about the Captain America sequel including the villain.

Did you participate in All Hallows Read? The Mary Sue did!

New X-Men Movie slated for 2014 to be directed by Bryan Singer. Yay?


Finally here is the link for my friends podcast -- NerdHerders -- which has been #1 in the ratings for the past 6 weeks. Are you listening?

That is all for this week! Make sure to check in next Friday for more Le Geek Carousel!

I Survived Hurricane Sandy

In my 34 years of living in Jersey City, New Jersey we have seen our share of bad storms. From the blizzard of 1992 and 1996 and 2010 to really bad rainstorms but nothing as horrendous and full of disaster as Hurricane Sandy was.

On Monday night around 11pm, my entire neighbourhood lost power. Complete darkness. Complete stillness. I originally blamed Paul Heyman for waiting until the last minute to announce Team Punk therefore my power went out. I have never seen my city, my hometown, in so much turmoil. The stores up the block from me were closed. The school on my corner has a generator so their lights were on as custodians cleaned it up. School for me was cancelled for the entire week meaning I now have to work until the end of June as well as my spring break might be in jeopardy. I am very glad I did not start booking my trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for that week now. My city had a curfew of 7pm to 7am as there were no street lights, but I did break the curfew a couple of times by just standing outside my house. My cell phone remained charged throughout the entire time I did not have power as so my computer; well it lasted up to 10 percent as I was using it to charge my phone. I, unfornuately, lost cell phone service Tuesday morning so if you wanted to get in touch with me you could not unless you had my land line phone. My mom had to cook everything in our freezer as it would have gone bad as well as use the gas stove for heat as my heat thermostat runs on electricity. Luckily the pilot lights of the hot water heater did not go out so hot showers were to be had but to stay warm my entire family and Hudson practically camped out in the kitchen for three days. We played card games, ate by candlelight, listened to the radio, read a lot of books, slept until weird hours of the afternoon. We live on a street in Jersey City that is raised so we did not experience any flooding in my house but the winds knocked out the power grid. Or so we think. We are all fine and we managed. By Thursday we were all pretty much sick of not having power but we dealt with it. To be honest, not being connected to the outside world actually felt good. Yes I made sure to get in touch with loved ones to let them know I was okay but to not have the instant gratification of social connection brought me back to high school times. I was tempted to take a shower and shave in complete darkness but was afraid of slipping and cutting myself and not see what I was doing. I saw my local chinese food delivery man deliver food on his bike with a flashlight in his mouth. Whoa.

When my power came back on, after myself saying "If Sam and Dean Winchester were here this would be fixed by now. If Sheldon were here this would be fixed by now." my entire neighbourhood started screaming in joy. It was so surreal and amazing.

But other than that I hope all of my friends are fine.

For ongoing coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy go here: CNN Ongoing Coverage

For amazing and astounding photos of the storm, go here: Hurricane Sandy Photos

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things I Love Thursday -- 11/1 Edition

Happy Dia De Los Muertos everyone! Yes I have survived the Frankenstorm with copious shouting of IT'S RAINY......RAINY.....RAINY!!!! in my house as well as in text messages. Thanks to all who have checked in to see that I was okay. With that said, here is what I am in love with this week.

~~This great parody of Bohemian Rhapsody. Granted I am not a gamer but Nintendo was my gaming system of choice growing up so a lot of this I did identify with. Enjoy!