Friday, November 23, 2012

Le Geek Carousel #4

HAPPY BUY NOTHING FRIDAY! Thats right -- BUY NOTHING. Why does the day after Thanksgiving have to mean give into your primal urges and buy more stuff you probably do not need anyway? So on this day I give you a hearty geek carousel to keep you entertained that does not cost you a dime! Besides, after Chrishankwanzakah sales are the BEST!

--First and foremost, I need to make this announcement first. My BFF Nerd Herder Veronica and her husband Damian have secured a very special guest for their podcast on December 7th. If you are a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, you must listen to their podcast on December 7th at 9pm EST. Why you might ask? THEY HAVE A LIVE, ON AIR INTERVIEW WITH THE ONE, THE ONLY, JASON DAVID FRANK. Thats right ladies and gents, Tommy the Green Ranger as well as Tommy the White Ranger. This is an episode NOT to be missed. Here is the link: Nerd Herders Radio

--This needs to be made into a television show. Seriously. Smallville lasted 10 years.

--I am allergic to cats but this is cute: "Oskars First Toys wins Friskies' best cat video

--*smacks head* Yes because Battleship was so good....Award Winning Playwright Jez Butteworth Hired to write an ASTEROIDS movie. No, really.

--Jane Goldman to Write "Pinocchio for Robert Downey Jr. and Tim Burton

--FINALLY! Makeup Artist Rick Baker to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

--I do not want to see The Hobbit but I might just have to shell out the money for this: Star Trek Into Darkness to debut first 9 minutes in IMAX sneak preview

--This is pretty funny and well edited.

--As I start my Christmas advent calendar I am definitely making some Star Wars Snowflakes

--My ban on NYCC might have to be lifted for this: Operation BatGirl

--Shakespeare Choose Your Own Adventure? HECK TO THE YES PLEASE!

--New story posthumously from Ray Bradbury "Dear Santa"

--Yes! Tyreese is coming to AMC's The Walking Dead!

--I am still excited Huntress is coming to CW's Arrow. Here are 5 more pictures of her.

--More Reasons for me to spend money to see The Hobbit and then leave.


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