Friday, November 9, 2012

Le Geek Carousel #2

Thanks to everyone who love this feature! I enjoy sharing news that has a geek/nerd center of gravity as well as sharing my fandoms with the world. With that said, lets get this weeks Carousel started!

Yes! "Boy Meets World" follow up show in the works!

Look! It is a zombiefied Coraline! Mixing my two favorite fantoms -- zombies and Neil Gaiman! Can not handle it!

Are you a girl who likes superheroes? Well do not expect a superhero toy in your McDonalds happy meal as according to McDonalds superheroes are only for boys.

Give me the story of Alice + Jasper! Stephenie Meyer won't rule put the possibility of more Twilight

There is an actual Krypton? GET OUT!

Abe Lincoln better be part of this: New Vampire Hunter tv series coming!

For those that love Steampunk and knitting, this is a book for you!

Start to get excited for S.H.I.E.L.D! SHOOTING SCHEDULE HAS BEEN POSTED!

Here is an awesome cos-play music video from London Comic Con

When Disney bought LucasArts, one of the questions I constantly heard was "Is Princess Leia a Disney princess now?" I do not think so, but this video is pretty funny.

Marvel NOW! Gets and All-Female Team of Fearless Defenders. One of them as my name.

Here is the trailer for Warm Bodies. I suggest reading the book first.

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