Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a Quick Check In

Hi there fellow followers! First of all I want to let you know that I have not disappeared. You see, my beloved Gabriel (that is what I named my laptop) decided to die in the beginning of November and I have not had a decent computer to use. My brother lets me use his iPad when he is not but it is not suitable for writing blog posts. Also with working Kindergarten and not really having the time to check email/blog like I used to, it hurts. Believe me, my notebook has received a workout lately! I do miss you guys and plan to be back more once I get a new computer of my own. I want to thank those that have viewed my Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson promo video after Survivor Series in MSG on November 20, 2011. That video has received over 10,000 views in a matter of a week and I can not believe it! If you have not seen it, here it is:

I also want to thank those who are commenting on my Happy Haulidays post. Books rule! I do plan on writing a Things I Love Thursday post next long as I am not too tired from Mercury retrograde and work...Miss you! XOXO

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Joisey Review: The Accidential Pervert

About a month or so ago I uttered these words to my fiancé, "All we ever do is sports. Sports sports sports. If I want to see you it has to be a sports thing." Well I am glad that David listened and on Friday November 11th he took me to see a very off Broadway play called The Accidential Pervert.

Now I know what you are thinking....What the heck kind of play is this? Was The Lion King or some other overpriced Broadway play sold out so you settled for this? No no no. You see I would rather go to a off Broadway play than a Broadway one simply for one word--Talent. This play is full of talent from the start to finish.

Written by and starring Andrew Goffman and directed by Charles Messina, "The Accidental Pervert" tells the true story of an 11-year-old boy who discovered his father's pornography collection in a bedroom closet, just to the right of his golf clubs, above the cowboy boots, behind the sweatshirts, all the way up in the top left hand corner and how this discovery controlled his life until he was 26, the year he met his wife.

As a woman a lot of what Andrew stated does not pertain to me but that does not take away the fact that this one man 90 minute play without an intermission delves into the male psyche and mind of the world of sex and dating. Apparently a lot of men view pornography as the way most women act when it comes to sex and that we all are that flexible and willing to do some really sick shit. Andrew, growing up, soon realized that was not the case as I am sure a lot of other men have as well. This show displays that progression and realization.

As soon as the show was over -- David and I spoke to Andrew about the show and the possibility of returning with some friends of ours. What made me want to come back and see this show again in the future is the honesty, boldness, and humor of the script. Andrew has taken a topic that is not often talked about publicly, yet people have a lot of experience with it and puts it out there to start a discussion.

With all the humorous moments in the show, you would think there would not be any touching moments. Two of the most heartfelt moments come when Andrew talks about his dad's passing and just how that affected him and the moment he met his wife. It's these moments and a few others that give this play its soul and passion and the realization that no one starts out to be a "pervert," sometimes it just happens, but everyone has the power to change their life and their perspective.

Come down to the 13th Street Repertory Theatre (50 West 13th Street, between 5th & 6th Avenue) Friday and Saturday nights at 7pm through December 10 to see "The Accidental Pervert" and enjoy a rousing evening of humor, heart, and 100% pure pleasure!Click here for tickets and follow them on Facebook nd Twitter (@AccidentalPerv)!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - November 10th Edition

Whoa holy technology update! My lovely Gabriel has decided to break therefore my main computer runs very slowly and gets very hot really quick. I am shopping for a new computer as well David has agreed to get me an iPad for Chrishankwanzakah as long as I put in some of the money for it. Question is do I want to stay PC or make the jump to a MacAir? Tell me what you think! In other news here is what I am so in love with this week:

~~The new vibrator David got me. It is amazing and definitely does the trick when he is not around. Thank you!
~~A sweet story.
~~Wordless communication.
~~Having the giggles!
~~Having long hair to do numerous hairstyles with.
~~Getting 8 hugs day from my students, either former or current.
~~Cleaning out my closet and donating clothes for the needy.
~~Falling asleep in David's lap.
~~The way David kisses my forehead.
~~Planning when my lunch class will watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
~~Onion rings with ranch dressing.
~~Almost being done with Chrishankwanzakah shopping!
~~Finding typos.
~~Dropping two sizes!
~~Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes
~~Rekindling the lost art of sleeping past 6am.

What are you so much in love with this week?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- November 3rd Edition

Happy November everyone! Can not believe this year flew right by. So many changes, travels, memories made. With the last two months of 2011 I am looking forward to ending this year right! With that said...let me hop onto the bandwagon of love and tell you what I am so much in love with this week.

~~Participating in the 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade in NYC. I dressed as "Snow White Sith" and handed candy out during the parade. Before the parade I bought a shitload of candy and as I walked the route I would either throw candy out or find a kid and ask them this--Do you know Star Wars? Do you know Darth Vader? Would you fight for the dark side of the force? If the kid said no, I walked away and said Sorry wrong answer...if the kid said yes he or she got a piece of candy. It was fun! The picture of my costume is on my Facebook.

~~All of the hugs I get from my students.

~~Being part of an exciting comic project with my close friends Veronica and Damian.

~~Having my own philosophy

~~Outlets for creativity

~~Vietnamese spring rolls

~~Cinnammon raisin french toast

~~Seeing the beauty in everything

~~The prospect of a day off

~~The magic that is Autumn

~~Soothing conversation

~~My students laughter

~~Cheerful responses

~~Having a free spirit

~~Wishing on stars

~~Having breakfast for dinner

~~Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes

What are you so much in love with this week? Please bear in mind that I would love to see your comments as I am dealing with my dog Sweetums possibly having cancer. She has a huge tumor on one of her legs and it causes her a lot of pain to stand and walk. Waiting on results of the biopsy to see if it is malingant or benign. Prayers and thoughts are really helpful at this time. I do not want to lose my dog.