Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #9--April 30th Edition

Here is the F3 for this week: So, say you were meeting a new person - blind date, new friend, who knows. And you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are, and who you are. But you can’t actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box, with a dozen things in it for them to ponder over.

What would you put in the box? No cheating - you’re not allowed to include things such as links to your livejournal.

For are my 12 items

1)Queensryche Greatest Hits CD
2)My autograph binder
3)My paper journal
4)Best of Manami Toyota video tape
5)Various wrestling pictures that I have taken
6)The Book: If Chins Could Kill by Bruce Campbell
7)My NJ Devils Jersey
8)A telephone
9)The movie Untamed Heart starring Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei
10)A stargazer lily flower
11)A purple streamer
12)A old pair of eyeglasses.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 29th Edition

As my injury seems to be 80 percent healed, I get to explore more and have longer lists of TiLT! Yay! But this is what I am in love with this week.

--This great article from Gala Darling: Spelling Differences between American and British English I am told constantly that I spell favourite, colour, honour, dialogue, and behaviour wrong. I think it looks better and more dignified the way I spelled the words above!

--My friend Mark for bringing up this song:

--For Winning This Giveaway! Seeker of Happiness: 100th Post Giveaway

--My brother yelling in Italian at the television during soccer games. He is fluent in Spanish and learning Italian at the moment.

--This still cracks me up:
Jensen Ackles from Supernatural singing Eye of the Tiger


--Always thought Glenn Danzig looks/sounds like Jim I had a Danzig moment and rediscovered this song:

--The hotness that is NICK SIMMONS.

--Starting Physical Therapy for my left foot!

--GREATEST ADVICE EVER: This comes from my friend and wrestler April Hunter--Diet matters, also. I can’t stress enough about eating a gluten (flour) free diet. (Try switching to rice or nut products instead.) Humans were not designed to eat flour (wheat or otherwise) and many of our illnesses, lethargy and obesity comes from eating what we’re not supposed to. Food is fuel. Food is medicine. If you don’t eat right, food can also cause sickness and allergies. It’s better to spend a little more in the front end on organic and whole foods then fork out loads in the back end on medical bills and deductibles. (The general rule is to eat well 80% of the time and you’ll be healthy.)

Remember: the USA's 6 largest most profitable business is HEALTHCARE. There's no money in being either healthy or dead. The object is to keep as many of us as sick as possible, buying treatments and swallowing prescriptions. Therefore, we have a horribly corrupt and inefficient USDA and FDA that insures we are getting plenty of sick food and prescription ad time during our favorite TV shows. --FYI: The new #2 cause of accidental death in the USA is now prescription drugs.

What are you in love with this week?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tootsie Tuesday--April 27th Edition

Today I had a follow up appointment for my broken left foot. Just to recap, I broke my foot on March 4th, had a splint for 10 days, then had a hard cast for three weeks, then on April 6th I got a velcro strapped walking boot.

I had an appointment at 1pm for the doctor and did not leave until 2:45pm. I took the boot off and hobbled on my left foot to the x-ray room, had x-rays done, and hobbled back to the examination room.

I saw the x-rays and the fracture is about 80 percent healed. The doctor said that I still need the crutches and the velcro boot, but I do not need to wear it all the time and to not climb stairs and ladders. Sorry Edge, no TLC matches for me! He also referred me to physical therapy--3 times for 2 weeks which is 6 visits. I start physical therapy tomorrow. It is for an hour and a half.

Unfortunately, I am still out of work. The way it looks--I will not be back into work until June, the month that NO ONE gives a care about. I see the doctor again on May 18th.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--April 26th Edition

For this week's Kayfabe Monday, I want to first show you a entrance video.

In case you do not know who that is and you have lived under a rock for the past 10 years, that is "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

Now why I am writing about him this week? For this very question--Why in the blue hell was he let go from TNA?


That is an excuse.

Let us tale a look at his TNA Career History: Christopher Daniels joined TNA shortly after the company was founded in 2002. He formed a stable with Low-Ki and Elix Skipper known as Triple X, which competed in the tag division and won the NWA World Tag Team Championship. He also joined Vince Russo's Sports Entertainment Xtreme faction. Triple X disbanded in June 2003 after Low-Ki began wrestling primarily in Japan and the remaining two members decisively lost a cage match to America's Most Wanted. After XXX disbanded, Daniels had a brief feud with Jeff Jarrett around August through September 2003. Afterwards, Daniels competed in the X Division until reviving XXX as a tag team with Skipper in July 2004. They were forced to disband once more after losing to America's Most Wanted on December 5 at Turning Point.

In 2005, Daniels engaged in a lengthy feud with A.J. Styles over the TNA X Division Championship. He won the title at Destination X in an Ultimate X Challenge with a screwjob ending. Styles had taken down the belt, but the referee was unconscious. Daniels put Styles in the Angel's Wings and took the belt when the ref came to. Daniels became the longest reigning X Division champion in TNA history, holding the belt for over 150 days. During the run, Daniels successfully defended the X Division Title against Elix Skipper, Shocker, Petey Williams, Matt Bentley, Chris Sabin, and Austin Aries. Later, on September 11 at Unbreakable, Styles won back the title in a three-way dance with Daniels and Samoa Joe when Styles reversed an attempted Angels Wings into a pin; this match would later get a 5-star rating from Dave Meltzer, the pinnacle of professional wrestling writers.

At Genesis on November 13, Daniels unfortunately received a Grade III concussion after being attacked by Samoa Joe and given a Musclebuster on a chair, following a tag match together. This is one of the reasons why I HATE Sloppy Joe--he is dangerous in the ring and injures people. But that is an entry for another week. At Turning Point, when Joe tried to similarly injure A.J. Styles after winning the X Division Championship from him, Daniels made his return, attacking Joe and enabling members of TNA security to protect Styles and restrain Joe. At Final Resolution, Daniels was defeated by Joe when Styles threw in the towel to prevent the badly beaten Daniels from suffering serious injuries after Daniels was unable to defend himself. The next week, Daniels claimed Styles did it to get the number one contendership for the X Division Title. That same night he cost Styles a match against the "Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore by throwing in the towel, resulting in another three-way at for the title at Against All Odds, where Samoa Joe retained his title. Daniels succeeded in winning an Ultimate X match to regain the X Division Title, but lost it on April 13, 2006 to Joe after receiving a second rope Island Driver. After losing the X Division title, Daniels was scheduled to face Jushin Liger in a Six Sides of Steel match at Lockdown, but Liger was pulled out of the match. Daniels, instead, would face a mystery opponent, who turned out to be the returning Low Ki—now named Senshi—who won the match.

Daniels then teamed with A.J. Styles, becoming the number one contenders for the NWA Tag Team Title, then held by America's Most Wanted. Daniels and Styles won the title from AMW at Slammiversary. The team feuded with The Latin American Xchange (LAX), trading the tag title back and forth with the team of Homicide and Hernandez. On November 16, 2006, Daniels competed in a triple threat match that also involved Chris Sabin and Styles in the primetime debut of TNA Impact! on Spike TV. Daniels won the match by pinning Sabin to capture his third TNA X Division Championship. He lost it to Sabin in a Three-Way bout at Final Resolution, which also involved Jerry Lynn.

Daniels then took time off from TNA for a repackaging of his character but made his return as a villain at Destination X. He distracted Lynn during his match with Sabin. After the match, the newly-bearded Daniels, sporting tribal-styled paint on one side of his face hit Sabin with the Angel's Wings and Lynn with the X Division title belt. At Lockdown, Daniels pinned Jerry Lynn in the Six Sides of Steel. At Sacrifice, Daniels pinned Rhino after hitting him with a baseball bat. Daniels next moved to a feud with Sting, costing him a King of the Mountain match qualifier by hitting him with a baseball bat. Sting then attacked Daniels the next week on Impact!. On June 17, 2007 at Slammiversary, Daniels lost a match against Sting via the Scorpion Death Drop. At Victory Road, he won a 10-Man Ultimate X Gauntlet Match to become the number one contender for the X Division Championship. Senshi and Elix Skipper helped Daniels to win the match, resulting in the reunion of Triple X. At Bound for Glory on October 14, Daniels challenged unsuccessfully for Jay Lethal's X Division Championship. On the December 6 edition of Impact!, Daniels beat Senshi in a match for his Feast or Fired briefcase, refereed by Elix Skipper.On the following week's show it was revealed that Daniels' briefcase contained a pink slip, immediately causing him to be fired from TNA.

One month after Daniels was fired, Christopher Daniels returned to TNA as his masked persona Curry Man, which is a successful gimmick in Japan, soon to team up regularly with Shark Boy. Unlike the brooding serious nature of his "Fallen Angel" persona, Curry Man was much more humorous, entertaining fans with his silly antics. He feuded with Team 3D and won a "Fish Market Street Fight" against them at Destination X. On the March 13, 2008 Impact!, Curry Man qualified for the Xscape match for the X Division Title at Lockdown by beating Petey Williams. At Lockdown, he fought Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy, Consequences Creed, and Johnny Devine. Curry Man eliminated Creed from the match after delivering the Spice Rack. He was later eliminated by Devine via the Devine Intervention.

In June, Curry Man represented Team TNA in the 2008 World X Cup. After being defeated by Team International's Alex Koslov in a preview match, Curry Man lost to Team Japan's Milano Collection A.T. in the tournament itself. At Victory Road Curry Man took part in a four-team twelve-man elimination tag team, out of which he was eliminated by Team Mexico's Ăšltimo Guerrero. After the tournament Curry Man and Shark Boy aligned themselves with Super Eric to form a comedic superhero-themed stable called the "Prince Justice Brotherhood". At Final Resolution, Curry Man was one of the four participants in the "Feast or Fired" match (along with Jay Lethal, and both members of LAX, Homicide and Hernandez) to collect a briefcase, in which he got the pink slip (again), meaning his contract with TNA was terminated according to the storyline.

In early 2009 Daniels began portraying the character of Suicide while Kaz, the original Suicide, was recovering from his injury and was in the costume when the character won the X Division Championship in an Ultimate X match at Destination X.

Daniels returned as a fan favorite to TNA television under his "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels character (with the name simplified to just Daniels afterwards) on the April 16 episode of TNA Impact! in a match against Kurt Angle for the man advantage challenge for Lethal Lockdown at TNA's annual Lockdown PPV event. He was announced as being a member of Team Jarrett as a result. Daniels won the match, however the result was over-turned by Jeff Jarrett, after noticing that Angle's shoulder was up during the pinfall and Daniels' shoulders were down. At Lockdown, Team Jarrett defeated Team Angle. Then Daniels started a feud with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of The Motor City Machine Guns, who on the April 30 episode of Impact! accused him of being Suicide. On the May 7 edition of Impact!, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed joined the accusations by also accusing Daniels of being Suicide. On the May 14 edition of Impact!, Daniels helped Suicide clear the ring of Shelley, Sabin, Lethal, and Creed while they attempted to unmask him, in an attempt to prove Daniels was Suicide all along. At Sacrifice, Daniels defeated Suicide to win the TNA X Division Championship. However, after the match Daniels saw a replay of the finish which showed Alex Shelley interfering in the match and said he didn't want to win the belt like that and asked for five extra minutes. In the end there was no winner, which meant that Suicide retained his title. At Slammiversary he faced Shane Douglas with Daniels' roster spot on the line. Daniels retained his roster spot by pinning Douglas after the Best Moonsault Ever. At Victory Road, Daniels lost to Matt Morgan in a standard match. At Hard Justice, Daniels managed to win the Steel Asylum match to become the number one contender to the X Division Championship, thus reigniting his feud with champion Samoa Joe. Daniels lost the match at No Surrender, along with a triple threat match on the following Impact, also featuring Homicide. At Bound for Glory, Daniels competed in a six way Ultimate X match for the X Division Championship, also featuring Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Suicide, Homicide, and defending champion, and eventual winner, Amazing Red. Towards the end of the match, Daniels took a bump, falling from the cables to the ring, landing on his head.

On the November 5 edition of Impact!, Daniels started showing signs of a heel turn when he confronted the TNA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles and claimed that while he was just as good a wrestler as Styles, he was never given the same breaks by the company, that was pampering, coddling, and spoiling Styles. At Turning Point, Styles retained his title in a three-way match against Daniels and Samoa Joe by pinning Joe. On the November 19 edition of Impact!, Daniels completed his heel turn and pinned Styles in a tag team match where he teamed with Desmond Wolfe against Styles and Kurt Angle. At Final Resolution Daniels received a one-on-one shot at the World Heavyweight Champion, A.J. Styles, but was unable to defeat him for the title. The following month at Genesis Daniels was defeated by Sean Morley in his first match for the company. On the March 8 edition of Impact! Daniels declared that he was going to be the one to re-ignite the flame of the X Division. Afterwards the X Division Champion Doug Williams pinned Daniels in a three-way match for the title, also involving Kazarian. At Destination X Daniels competed in a four-way ladder match for the number one contendership to the X Division title, but was defeated by Kazarian.[43] Two days later Daniels defeated Kazuchika Okada in a dark match at the Impact! tapings in what would turn out to be his last match with the company.[44] Covell was released from his TNA contract on March 31, 2010, after spending more than seven years with the company.

Before I go any further, thanks to various wrestling history websites for all of that info.

Personally, I think the reason why TNA let him go is simply the fact that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan want to revive WCW but use the letters TNA instead. The Band for example is just another version of New World Order just with a different name. AJ Styles is now a mini Ric Flair. The wrestling world already has a Ric Flair and he still has it. Did Rob Van Dam really need a belt? Nope. He is over already. What is going on with the Knockouts Division? Absolutely nothing, in fact it looks like it is going back to bra and panties type matches which I DESPISE.

Do not get me wrong, TNA's ratings have improved but like the Hollywood Industry, they are stuck in the mindset of remakes. If it is not broke, DO NOT FIX IT. Christopher Daniels has a tremendous fan following. Instead of trying to re-create WCW, maybe some original thought should go into their product instead of a constant rehash/remake. I did not like it that George Romero's films were remade--do I like it when professional wrestling gimmicks that worked in the past are remade? What do you think?

Remember, I believe in Kayfabe,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #8--April 23rd Edition

Photo Source:

I started drinking Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks in 2003 after watching MTV Cribs featuring Shannon Elizabeth and she mentioned them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 22nd Edition

Hello fellow lovers! What is making you swoon with glee this week?

--First and foremost, my friend's Doug latest movie production Play Dead: The Movie It deals with Zombies and Football. ZOMBIES AND FOOTBALL. How much more tremendous can this be? Plus Doug is an awesome Special Effects artist and he, along with Morgan Mae from Burning Angel, got me involved in the NYC Zombie Crawl. CHECK IT OUT!

--This song always makes me happy:

--Yes I am a teenage girl trapped in a 32 year old body...I LOVE THIS SONG

--A friend of mine is having another baby boy and she made a baby registry and one of the things she has on her list is Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of No Doubt. So I did a search...and found this...and wished I taught preschool so I can play it during Naptime: Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Metallica

--This little meme from Jacque: Go to, type in Who's the cutest?, and click I'm feeling lucky! SO true!

--Look at this awesome seat! It can be bought here--Cupcake Seat

--That Cherie Currie of the Runaways liked this status update on my Facebook: Great words to live by: "Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein."--H. Jackson Brown Jr

--WANT WANT WANT BIG Metallic Pink Bow Headband

--My mom pointing to a picture of rocks in a catalog and I say PAPER, SCISSOR! and thus laughing ensued!

--This will seriously make me buy a game system now:

--Being invited to an art gallery opening!

--That I went outside with the Dani Terminator Boot! I went to the Order Sons of Italy in America meeting (I am the secretary) and it felt GOOD! Contemplating going to the movies tomorrow night with a friend.

--Tickets for FAITH NO MORE and DENIS LEARY! Love pre-sale codes...makes me feel worthy.

What are you so in love with this week?

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
But is the Earth really happy?
Smog, pollution fill the air and water
Like a soldier invading an country
Breaking the UN Charter Article 27
That no one seems to care about.

So what to do everyone asks
About the environment
Going green is the new trend
But what does it all mean?
Or are we just sheep
To the Hollywood extreme regime?
Those questions must be answered first
Before we take any measures
To help the Earth.


Here are some ways I found to help the Earth and does not have the stigma of celebrity-ism:

Plant a Billion Trees!
Adopt a Wolf!
Find an Activity on the Great Green List

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--April 19th Edition

Congratulations to Kurt Angle, Karen Angle, and Jeff Jarrett who are all engaged!

Wait a minute....they are not all engaged to each other.

Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett starting dating right after her divorce from Kurt and thus created waves in TNA Wrestling. Kurt Angle HATES Jeff Jarrett but is a professional and will work with him. In fact, Jeff took time off to let all of this smooth over.

Now, Karen Angle announces on her Facebook that she is engaged to Jeff Jarrett. I can imagine the pain and anguish that Kurt Angle what does he do?


When did becoming engaged or being happy and in a relationship become a competition? I think Kurt would be much better off by ignoring Karen and let his life move on. Obviously she has.

Is Karen wrong? In a way yes. But sometimes your heart chooses for you who to love and that clouds thinking. She is no longer employed at TNA Wrestling, so she should just be seen as any other normal girl. Personally, she should go back to her maiden name and maybe everyone's life will go on.

Also another point--this information deals with their PRIVATE LIFE. If you follow wrestling, you should know what the word Kayfabe means and why I decided to name this feature on my blog Kayfabe Mondays. If you do not, kayfabe (pronounced kuh-fay-bee) refers to the portrayal that events within the industry are real, that is, that professional wrestling is not staged. In recent years kayfabe has referred more to the suspension of disbelief required to mark out to the entertainment aspect of the industry, in a similar manner with other forms of entertainment such as soap operas and movies.

I think professional wrestling needs to go back to this and focus on PROFESSIONAL WRESTLNG and entertainment, not who is dating/engaged/fired/not fired. Therefore...

I believe in Kayfabe,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #7--April 16th Edition

I did this back in 2004 on my old I do it here!

Three things that scare me:
1: Spiders
2: Death
3: Loneliness

Three people who make me laugh:
1: My fiance' David
2: George Carlin
3: Obscure news stories that make no sense

Three Things I love:
1: Professional Wrestling
2: Reading
3: Horror Movies

Three Things I hate:
1: Animal Cruelty
2: Boredom
3: Stupidity

Three things I don't understand:
1: How people can destroy the environment
2: Certain fashion trends
3: No Child Left Behind Act

Three things on my desk:
1: Notebook
2: Cell Phone
3: Pen

Three things I'm doing right now:
1: Typing This
2: Thinking
3: Eating a cracker

Three things I want to do before I die:
1: Have a classroom of my own.
2: Visit all 50 States
3: Visit Australia

Three things I can do:
1: Digital Photography
2: Write
3: Draw

Three ways to describe my personality:
1: Outgoing
2: Friendly
3: Perky

Three things I can't do:
1: Drive a car/motorcycle/boat
2: Roller skate/ice skate
3: Gymnastics

Three things I should do more often:
1: Clean my room
2: Reading
3: Sleep for more than 5 hours a night.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 15th Edition

What has made Dani swoon with love with this?

First off, IT IS MAY 27TH YET? I am going to find out when and where the premiere is, but just in case I can not, I know where I will be the weekend of May 27th...

--Conversations with new friends I met on Blogger. Makes my heart happy!

--These truths from 88 Important Truths I've Learned About Life:
7. Children are remarkably honest creatures until we teach them not to be.
17. Every passing face on the street represents a story every bit as compelling and complicated as yours.
22. Humans cannot destroy the planet, but we can destroy its capacity to keep us alive. And we are.
24. Those who complain the most, accomplish the least.
29. A person who is unafraid to present a candid version of herself to the world is as rare as diamonds.
33. Blame is the favorite pastime of those who dislike responsibility.
51. “Gut feeling” is not just a euphemism. Tension in the abdomen speaks volumes about how you truly feel about something, beyond all arguments and rationales.
64. Words are immensely powerful. One cruel remark can wound someone for life.

--Getting my family and my fiance' addicted to the game known as BOP IT.

--Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. If you have not seen it, I highly suggest you do!

--Signing up for to possibly make some extra money!

--That I am almost at 10 followers and it only took me about 2 months! So happy!

--Thank you Marcus Dowling for this--Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix

--Updating my Amazon Wish List

--That The Vitamin Shoppe now carries products by Genuine Health! I can not wait to get my hands on their vitamins!

--Catching up on my Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection on DVD.

--Gala's Coachella Mixtape Girl knows ways into my heart something fierce....

--Looking forward to the return of FAITH NO MORE! I have not decided if I want to go on July 2nd or July 5th. Probably July 2nd and then sleep over at David's and then go to Washington DC that weekend!

So what is making you swoon this week?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tootsie Tuesday--April 13th Edition

It is Week 2 of Dani in Terminator Type Velcro Boot and I must say it is going well. My calf muscle has reduced a lot due to the no-use and it looks like I am walking with a limp, but all in all I am healing nicely. I washed my leg and foot with lots of vigor and the dead skin was coming off in sheets! I was excited. I put lotion on my leg and foot and it feels so good. Also, it was a joy to shave my leg again!

So, it has been 6 weeks on the disabled list as my fiance' likes to call it, and I have been LOSING weight. The first time I broke my left ankle, I ballooned up due to the no exercise/eating my anger. What have I done differently? THIS:

I try and get 8 hours of sleep a day.
For breakfast: I have an egg white omelet with fruit and a glass of pomegranate and apple juice.

For a snack at 2pm: I have a bowl of raisins and chopped walnuts.

For lunch: A big hearty salad with a scoop of chicken salad and hummus.

For a snack at about 5pm: Either two apples with raisins or carrots and hummus.

For dinner: Another salad with chicken or fish and vegetables.

I try to limit my desserts to once a week. Also I move around the best way I can, either by walking around my house with my crutches and lifting my legs to my chest and so forth. Once I am better, I plan on doing more walking outside and possibly get a bike. I also want to try P90X and yoga.

On April 27th I see the doctor again and hopefully my left foot will be all healed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--April 12th Edition

I am sure that most of you have seen the vignette that Orlando Jordan did on the March 29th TNA Impact, where he said he was inspired by Lady Gaga and then chilled in a lounge area with a beautiful girl and guy and then that was it and the wrestling community all went--WHAT WAS THAT? Then on April 5th, he comes out during a match, I do not remember which one, spills either lotion or milk onto his chest and just stares into the ring. Again, what was that?

Yeah that is what I am talking about. Last time I checked being androgynous or metro-sexual is not "in" these days. If this was the 1980's, then maybe. Everyone nowadays, and I hope, does not care that you are gay, straight, bisexual, or androgynous. Look at RuPauls Drag Race. That show has a major cult following. Also, what about Adam Lambert? I do not watch American Idol but he was controversial because he was on a regular network, a conservative network at that.

Now we have Orlando Jordan. Does he not realize that gay characters have been part of the wrestling community since the day is long? Look at Adrian Adonis. Look at Gorgeous George. Then we had the debacle of Chuck and Billy, but that is not the point. If Orlando Jordan thinks that his gimmick or lifestyle is going to get him over, it will not. Wrestling fans nowadays have a short attention span and being gay is not controversy anymore. Orlando Jordan should think more about his wrestling moveset, mic skills, and ring psychology if he is ever going to be over with the fans, however young or old we may be.

I Believe in Kayfabe,

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #6--April 9th Edition

While looking through my old online journals, I came across this Heavy Metal Test thing and thought I would share for this weeks F3:

A: Autograph
B: Bauhaus
C: Cinderella
D: Dokken
E: Extreme
F: Firehouse
G: Grim Reaper
H: Helloween
I: Iron Maiden
J: Judas Priest
K: Krokus
L: Lucifer's Friend
M: Megadeath
N: Nelson
O: Overkill
P: Poison
Q: Quiet Riot
R: Ratt
S: Skid Row
T: Tuff
V: Vixen
W: Whitesnake
Y: Yes

Well...I missed 2 letters--X,and Z. I wonder if any bands actually use those letters.
But I guess I am a big 80's metal head if Icould do it though.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 8th Edition

Here is what I am so in love with this week

--Reading through my old LiveJournals for inspiration. A lot of those old blogs were just spur of the moment writing, what happened in my day kind of diary but it is still cool to look through it every once again.

--Having blog posts scheduled for weeks to come! I think my life is going to become hectic as soon as I return to work so I tried to set them up before hand.

--Being all caught up with my Awe-Manac writing.

--Shar Pei puppies!

--Getting into television shows that have been cancelled for a while, i.e. Everybody Hates Chris and 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter

--Getting my hard cast off and receiving a walking velcro boot.

--Hearing the birds chirp and imagining that they are having conversations.

--Apples with whipped cream and nuts. It is a unbaked apple pie!

--Insane gorgeous weather! I do not care that I am in a velcro walking boot, I managed to get outside on my front porch and bask in the sun and blow bubbles. It was fun.

--When my fiance' describes my injury as being on the DL. He is a big baseball fan.

--New electronics for my computer!

What made you so happy and in love this week?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tootsie Tuesday--April 6th Edition

Today was the three week mark of the hard cast on my left foot. It was taken off, which tickled a little bit, and my foot was ripe! After washing off my foot and putting lots of lotion on my foot and leg and realizing that I need a wax BADLY, I was sent to x-rays. That was not a joy. The x-ray technician wanted me to put my foot flat onto the board. Um, lady my ankle has been in a hard cast for THREE WEEKS! I can barely move my foot. Luckily we figured out to get my foot flat and the x-rays were done.

I went back into the examination room, in a wheelchair and since the nurses were pushing me I could not pop a wheelie. I also forgot my sequined Mickey Mouse ears that I wanted to wear at my appointment but that is okay. Anyway the doctor looked over my x-rays and said that my fracture is healing nicely and that he was glad that it was because sometimes the fracture I have does not heal sometimes.

Now I am in a walking velcro boot like the one pictured above but it is black. I am still out of work for the next three weeks and my next doctors appointment is April 27th.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--April 5th Edition

Photo Credit: Lisa Marie Varon a.k.a. Tara from TNA Wrestling

Originally today's feature dealt with Orlando Jordan's entrance and gimmick from the March 29th edition of TNA Impact, but something happened over the weekend that I think takes more precendence--Chris Kanyon, real name Chris Klucsaritis, committed suicide at the age of 40. He had been open about suffering from a bipolar disorder and had talked and threatened suicide many times in the past according to those who are close with him.

Stories about his life are starting to flood in--one story from Johnny Kashmere of the Backseat Boyz said: "I'm shocked about kanyon committing suicide. I heard he was depressed but this is awful. When he was trainer at the WCW Power Plant he used to let the new guys stay in his house so they could save money not having to rent a place and be broke and starving. All stories i've ever heard had Kanyon having a big heart,... i will miss him, i was always a huge Mortis mark..."

Now here is my question--he had a very big heart, helped out those who needed the help, looked out for others the whole nine yards, and people knew about his bipolar disorder and threatening of suicide before...why did no one try and get him the mental help that he so desperately needed? Or maybe his close friends did and he refused? The world will never know. Only thing I know is that here is another wrestler who has passed away way too soon.

If yourself or know of anyone who is depressed and threatening suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). It is a free, 24-hour hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Your call will be routed to the nearest crisis center to you.

I believe in Kayfabe,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #5--100 Random Facts About Moi

Got this inspiration from my friend Jacque at A Quirky Girls Thoughts Thank you friend!

So here we go..

1) I have lived in New Jersey all my life and do not think of ever moving.
2) New York City has my heart and soul.
3) I have lived in the same house for the past 32 years of my life.
4) I love all kinds of animals.
5) I am a proud member of PETA as well as other animal rights groups.
6) I am terrified of spiders.
7) When I was 5 years old, I was bit by a hornet on the side of my left eye causing my eye to close and swell like a boxer who got hit in the eye too much. It was disgusting.
8) Tangram puzzles make me happy. Same thing with word search puzzles.
9) I became a fan of professional wrestling at 6 years old.
10) Due to a lot of failed relationships, the word trust and I do not get along. I am learning to trust more though.
11) Anything involving Hello Kitty, I love.
12) Anything involving vampires, especially Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, I love.
13) I did not grow up playing with Barbie. My toys of choice were He-Man and Masters of the Universe action figures.
14) I love train wreck type reality television, for example any of the celebrity rehab or dating shows on VH1.
15) When I am approached by preaching religious people, I say "blessed be" and walk away. If you know where that is from, I give you props.
16) I put too much pressure on myself to make sure others are happy.
17) I love watching movies, either in the theater or at home.
18) I used to play clarinet and flute and drums but have not touched either in years.
19) My favorite drink--Vanilla Chai Lattes from Starbucks.
20) I was a professional wrestling photographer for close to 10 years.
21) About three months ago I changed the way I eat so I can become healthy. I have lost some weight and still going!
22) Some fashion trends I do not understand, for example wearing pajama pants in public and wearing Ugg boots for style.
23) I love stickers, especially the bubble ones.
24) Add me to the set of people that do not have a drivers license. What can I say, I like mass transit.
25) Everything I own has a name. My laptop is Gabriel. My iPod is Sebastian.
26) Since I broke my left ankle, I do not own any heels or shoes that have a heel higher than 2 inches.
27) 15 years later, I broke my left foot. My left side and I do not get along apparently.
28) Chocolate, especially dark, make me smile.
29) Animated/childrens movies are the best and I prefer them over other types of movies sometimes.
30) I have never watched Titanic or the Matrix Trilogy movies and I have no desire to.
31) I love sitting in a park and reading with a fruit and cheese plate and Starbucks next to me.
32) I love to read period.
33) I love going to hockey games, but watching it on television gets me sleepy.
34) Speaking of sports, blame my fiance' for getting me back into football. I used to watch the New York Giants all the time with my dad but then I reached the age of "it is not cool to hang out with your parents" which is lame and therefore started watching it again. I like the New York Jets more though.
35) I can not take a shower if I am in a house by myself. I guess watching Psycho over and over did that to me.
36) I love b-grade horror movies.
37) For the past 2 years I have participated in the NYC Zombie Crawl.
38) I am scared of flying but will do it since I love to travel.
39) Ladders frighten me.
40) I love Mexican food.
41) I love Chinese food.
42) I love Italian food.
43) Lets face it, I just love food as long as it is not too hot and spicy.
44) I love to write.
45) For the past 4 years, I have kept a goals list.
46) I had a dream of working in the United Nations one day.
47) I used to work at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York City as a museum guide. My favorite assignment was the elevator.
48) I wear my heart on my sleeve.
49) Sometimes I wish I was Rory Gilmore, then I think...wait...I am!
50) I want to visit Japan sometime in my life.
51) I have a Ribera Steakhouse jacket. Ribera Steakhouse is a very famous restaurant in Japan and is revered for their professional wrestling collection. It is a honor to get one of those jackets.
52) I still use bulletin board services from 1996.
53) I can listen to any kind of music, but rock and roll/heavy metal has my heart.
54) My favorite color is deep purple, not lavender, not violet. PURPLE. My room is painted purple.
55) Whenever I get my hair cut, my parents claim I look like a teenager.
56) I try to carry handbags/purses that you do not see coming and going, i.e. Louis Vuitton monogrammed anything...
57) I have the worst cabin fever right now and I can not wait for adventures again!
58) I have no problem with making bubbles.
59) Bop It is my latest obsession.
60) I will only wear Converse sneakers for casual outfits.
61) I started a wrestling column in my college newspaper.
62) When I graduated, no one took it over.
63) I have seen my college newspaper after I graduated and it sucks.
64) My favorite flower is Stargazer Lilies.
65) I also love daisies.
66) Do not like red roses.
67) I have had over 200 stitches in my body, from my chin to my ankle surgeries.
68) Speaking of my chin, when I was 7 years old I decided to jump into a pool down in Florida backward. I slammed my chin on the edge of the pool and busted it right open. I still have the scar.
69) I still think of dirty things when I see this number. Tee-hee
70) I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and English
71) I have a Masters of Arts in Education.
72) I have two teaching certifications--one in Elementary K-5 and the other in Middle School Language Arts.
73) Right now, I am teaching 3rd and 4th grade Mathematics. Makes sense right?
74) My favorite band is Queensryche, followed by Motley Crue.
75) I have a guilty pleasure of cheesy pop music (Britney Spears for example.)
76) I edit my iTunes library at least once a month.
77) I have no problem being pale.
78) I will even wear black during the summer. It does not bother me.
79) I survived the 110 degree heat-wave in Paris, France in 2003. (you know the one where over 10,000 people passed away because of heat exhaustion and NYC had a major blackout? yeah that one.)
80) Spring is my favorite season.
81) I love snow when it is falling and fresh, but not after it is shoveled.
82) I wish that Saturday morning cartoons were still around.
83) I still watch 80's and 90's sitcoms, especially on Nick at Nite or TVLand.
84) I love watching E! True Hollywood Story.
85) I am not a beach person
86) Also not a country person.
87) But a nice park with trees and mountains and a lake will make me happy.
88) I can not sleep past 6am, even on the weekends.
89) I have been part of the onling blogging world starting with LiveJournal since 2001. I changed usernames in 2004 but still used Livejournal until I started this journal back in February of 2010.
90) I sneeze in three's.
91) I can not stay in one position for a long time. My legs get stiff.
92) I read my old journals for writing inspiration and nostalgia.
93) I can not drink heavily caffeinated sodas, like Mountain Dew.
94) I have a goal of visiting every state in the United States. Airports do not count!
95) I went to a private high school where my class size was 9.
96) I went to a Jesuit college in New Jersey.
97) Everyone in my family except for my father works for Jersey City Public Schools.
98) I have two dogs named Hudson and Sweetums.
99) I have a tendency to snack more than eat big meals.
100)This list took me all week to write!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 1st Edition

Here is what I am so in love with this week:

--Rediscovering the greatness that is PANDORA Radio. You can make your own radio stations based on a artist you like and Pandora puts together the station based on the similar sounds of the artist you put in. Love it.

--Planning adventures for when my left foot is all healed.

--Playing this over and over: Choose Your Own Twitter Adventure!

--This Song:

--This Song from Gala's Spring Mix:

--So so true, thank you Charade:

--All of the birthday wishes I received! Thank you!

--My new Hello Kitty watch! My new Bop It! My new tangle free headphones!

--Lady Gaga featuring Sesame Street "Telephone":

--Participating in Blog Party on A Beautiful Mess. It was a fantastic idea!

What are you so in love with this week?