Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 29th Edition

As my injury seems to be 80 percent healed, I get to explore more and have longer lists of TiLT! Yay! But this is what I am in love with this week.

--This great article from Gala Darling: Spelling Differences between American and British English I am told constantly that I spell favourite, colour, honour, dialogue, and behaviour wrong. I think it looks better and more dignified the way I spelled the words above!

--My friend Mark for bringing up this song:

--For Winning This Giveaway! Seeker of Happiness: 100th Post Giveaway

--My brother yelling in Italian at the television during soccer games. He is fluent in Spanish and learning Italian at the moment.

--This still cracks me up:
Jensen Ackles from Supernatural singing Eye of the Tiger


--Always thought Glenn Danzig looks/sounds like Jim I had a Danzig moment and rediscovered this song:

--The hotness that is NICK SIMMONS.

--Starting Physical Therapy for my left foot!

--GREATEST ADVICE EVER: This comes from my friend and wrestler April Hunter--Diet matters, also. I can’t stress enough about eating a gluten (flour) free diet. (Try switching to rice or nut products instead.) Humans were not designed to eat flour (wheat or otherwise) and many of our illnesses, lethargy and obesity comes from eating what we’re not supposed to. Food is fuel. Food is medicine. If you don’t eat right, food can also cause sickness and allergies. It’s better to spend a little more in the front end on organic and whole foods then fork out loads in the back end on medical bills and deductibles. (The general rule is to eat well 80% of the time and you’ll be healthy.)

Remember: the USA's 6 largest most profitable business is HEALTHCARE. There's no money in being either healthy or dead. The object is to keep as many of us as sick as possible, buying treatments and swallowing prescriptions. Therefore, we have a horribly corrupt and inefficient USDA and FDA that insures we are getting plenty of sick food and prescription ad time during our favorite TV shows. --FYI: The new #2 cause of accidental death in the USA is now prescription drugs.

What are you in love with this week?

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  1. what am I in love with this week?? My art journal!!! sooo pretty!!!
    and now im craving smores!


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