Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tootsie Tuesday--April 27th Edition

Today I had a follow up appointment for my broken left foot. Just to recap, I broke my foot on March 4th, had a splint for 10 days, then had a hard cast for three weeks, then on April 6th I got a velcro strapped walking boot.

I had an appointment at 1pm for the doctor and did not leave until 2:45pm. I took the boot off and hobbled on my left foot to the x-ray room, had x-rays done, and hobbled back to the examination room.

I saw the x-rays and the fracture is about 80 percent healed. The doctor said that I still need the crutches and the velcro boot, but I do not need to wear it all the time and to not climb stairs and ladders. Sorry Edge, no TLC matches for me! He also referred me to physical therapy--3 times for 2 weeks which is 6 visits. I start physical therapy tomorrow. It is for an hour and a half.

Unfortunately, I am still out of work. The way it looks--I will not be back into work until June, the month that NO ONE gives a care about. I see the doctor again on May 18th.

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  1. Good luck with the physical therapy. I hope it heals up quick.
    Probably best to avoid performing flying dropkicks, at least for the moment!


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