Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tootsie Tuesday--April 6th Edition

Today was the three week mark of the hard cast on my left foot. It was taken off, which tickled a little bit, and my foot was ripe! After washing off my foot and putting lots of lotion on my foot and leg and realizing that I need a wax BADLY, I was sent to x-rays. That was not a joy. The x-ray technician wanted me to put my foot flat onto the board. Um, lady my ankle has been in a hard cast for THREE WEEKS! I can barely move my foot. Luckily we figured out to get my foot flat and the x-rays were done.

I went back into the examination room, in a wheelchair and since the nurses were pushing me I could not pop a wheelie. I also forgot my sequined Mickey Mouse ears that I wanted to wear at my appointment but that is okay. Anyway the doctor looked over my x-rays and said that my fracture is healing nicely and that he was glad that it was because sometimes the fracture I have does not heal sometimes.

Now I am in a walking velcro boot like the one pictured above but it is black. I am still out of work for the next three weeks and my next doctors appointment is April 27th.


  1. CONGRATS ON GETTING THE CAST OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YAY for getting the cast off!


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