Monday, April 19, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--April 19th Edition

Congratulations to Kurt Angle, Karen Angle, and Jeff Jarrett who are all engaged!

Wait a minute....they are not all engaged to each other.

Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett starting dating right after her divorce from Kurt and thus created waves in TNA Wrestling. Kurt Angle HATES Jeff Jarrett but is a professional and will work with him. In fact, Jeff took time off to let all of this smooth over.

Now, Karen Angle announces on her Facebook that she is engaged to Jeff Jarrett. I can imagine the pain and anguish that Kurt Angle what does he do?


When did becoming engaged or being happy and in a relationship become a competition? I think Kurt would be much better off by ignoring Karen and let his life move on. Obviously she has.

Is Karen wrong? In a way yes. But sometimes your heart chooses for you who to love and that clouds thinking. She is no longer employed at TNA Wrestling, so she should just be seen as any other normal girl. Personally, she should go back to her maiden name and maybe everyone's life will go on.

Also another point--this information deals with their PRIVATE LIFE. If you follow wrestling, you should know what the word Kayfabe means and why I decided to name this feature on my blog Kayfabe Mondays. If you do not, kayfabe (pronounced kuh-fay-bee) refers to the portrayal that events within the industry are real, that is, that professional wrestling is not staged. In recent years kayfabe has referred more to the suspension of disbelief required to mark out to the entertainment aspect of the industry, in a similar manner with other forms of entertainment such as soap operas and movies.

I think professional wrestling needs to go back to this and focus on PROFESSIONAL WRESTLNG and entertainment, not who is dating/engaged/fired/not fired. Therefore...

I believe in Kayfabe,


  1. All this after Kurt *allegedly* threatens, stalks and generally harrasses Rhaka Khan (who's firing by TNA was a COMPLETE coincidence of course).

    I think what amuses me most about the whole torrid saga is how Dixie Carter (beautiful, ballsy, intelligent, complete mark) totally lost her blind loyalty to Jarrett in the manner of a PS2-devoted child who then received an XBox360 for Christmas.

    I'd be delighted to see what happens if Hogan and Angle have a falling out. Who is the favourite toy? Hell, I have to derive whatever pleasure I can from the dismal hell of broken dreams that TNA has become.

  2. Suriel: You made an excellent point! Thank you very much for your opinion. I hope you follow my blog.



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