Monday, April 12, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--April 12th Edition

I am sure that most of you have seen the vignette that Orlando Jordan did on the March 29th TNA Impact, where he said he was inspired by Lady Gaga and then chilled in a lounge area with a beautiful girl and guy and then that was it and the wrestling community all went--WHAT WAS THAT? Then on April 5th, he comes out during a match, I do not remember which one, spills either lotion or milk onto his chest and just stares into the ring. Again, what was that?

Yeah that is what I am talking about. Last time I checked being androgynous or metro-sexual is not "in" these days. If this was the 1980's, then maybe. Everyone nowadays, and I hope, does not care that you are gay, straight, bisexual, or androgynous. Look at RuPauls Drag Race. That show has a major cult following. Also, what about Adam Lambert? I do not watch American Idol but he was controversial because he was on a regular network, a conservative network at that.

Now we have Orlando Jordan. Does he not realize that gay characters have been part of the wrestling community since the day is long? Look at Adrian Adonis. Look at Gorgeous George. Then we had the debacle of Chuck and Billy, but that is not the point. If Orlando Jordan thinks that his gimmick or lifestyle is going to get him over, it will not. Wrestling fans nowadays have a short attention span and being gay is not controversy anymore. Orlando Jordan should think more about his wrestling moveset, mic skills, and ring psychology if he is ever going to be over with the fans, however young or old we may be.

I Believe in Kayfabe,

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