Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #5--100 Random Facts About Moi

Got this inspiration from my friend Jacque at A Quirky Girls Thoughts Thank you friend!

So here we go..

1) I have lived in New Jersey all my life and do not think of ever moving.
2) New York City has my heart and soul.
3) I have lived in the same house for the past 32 years of my life.
4) I love all kinds of animals.
5) I am a proud member of PETA as well as other animal rights groups.
6) I am terrified of spiders.
7) When I was 5 years old, I was bit by a hornet on the side of my left eye causing my eye to close and swell like a boxer who got hit in the eye too much. It was disgusting.
8) Tangram puzzles make me happy. Same thing with word search puzzles.
9) I became a fan of professional wrestling at 6 years old.
10) Due to a lot of failed relationships, the word trust and I do not get along. I am learning to trust more though.
11) Anything involving Hello Kitty, I love.
12) Anything involving vampires, especially Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, I love.
13) I did not grow up playing with Barbie. My toys of choice were He-Man and Masters of the Universe action figures.
14) I love train wreck type reality television, for example any of the celebrity rehab or dating shows on VH1.
15) When I am approached by preaching religious people, I say "blessed be" and walk away. If you know where that is from, I give you props.
16) I put too much pressure on myself to make sure others are happy.
17) I love watching movies, either in the theater or at home.
18) I used to play clarinet and flute and drums but have not touched either in years.
19) My favorite drink--Vanilla Chai Lattes from Starbucks.
20) I was a professional wrestling photographer for close to 10 years.
21) About three months ago I changed the way I eat so I can become healthy. I have lost some weight and still going!
22) Some fashion trends I do not understand, for example wearing pajama pants in public and wearing Ugg boots for style.
23) I love stickers, especially the bubble ones.
24) Add me to the set of people that do not have a drivers license. What can I say, I like mass transit.
25) Everything I own has a name. My laptop is Gabriel. My iPod is Sebastian.
26) Since I broke my left ankle, I do not own any heels or shoes that have a heel higher than 2 inches.
27) 15 years later, I broke my left foot. My left side and I do not get along apparently.
28) Chocolate, especially dark, make me smile.
29) Animated/childrens movies are the best and I prefer them over other types of movies sometimes.
30) I have never watched Titanic or the Matrix Trilogy movies and I have no desire to.
31) I love sitting in a park and reading with a fruit and cheese plate and Starbucks next to me.
32) I love to read period.
33) I love going to hockey games, but watching it on television gets me sleepy.
34) Speaking of sports, blame my fiance' for getting me back into football. I used to watch the New York Giants all the time with my dad but then I reached the age of "it is not cool to hang out with your parents" which is lame and therefore started watching it again. I like the New York Jets more though.
35) I can not take a shower if I am in a house by myself. I guess watching Psycho over and over did that to me.
36) I love b-grade horror movies.
37) For the past 2 years I have participated in the NYC Zombie Crawl.
38) I am scared of flying but will do it since I love to travel.
39) Ladders frighten me.
40) I love Mexican food.
41) I love Chinese food.
42) I love Italian food.
43) Lets face it, I just love food as long as it is not too hot and spicy.
44) I love to write.
45) For the past 4 years, I have kept a goals list.
46) I had a dream of working in the United Nations one day.
47) I used to work at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York City as a museum guide. My favorite assignment was the elevator.
48) I wear my heart on my sleeve.
49) Sometimes I wish I was Rory Gilmore, then I think...wait...I am!
50) I want to visit Japan sometime in my life.
51) I have a Ribera Steakhouse jacket. Ribera Steakhouse is a very famous restaurant in Japan and is revered for their professional wrestling collection. It is a honor to get one of those jackets.
52) I still use bulletin board services from 1996.
53) I can listen to any kind of music, but rock and roll/heavy metal has my heart.
54) My favorite color is deep purple, not lavender, not violet. PURPLE. My room is painted purple.
55) Whenever I get my hair cut, my parents claim I look like a teenager.
56) I try to carry handbags/purses that you do not see coming and going, i.e. Louis Vuitton monogrammed anything...
57) I have the worst cabin fever right now and I can not wait for adventures again!
58) I have no problem with making bubbles.
59) Bop It is my latest obsession.
60) I will only wear Converse sneakers for casual outfits.
61) I started a wrestling column in my college newspaper.
62) When I graduated, no one took it over.
63) I have seen my college newspaper after I graduated and it sucks.
64) My favorite flower is Stargazer Lilies.
65) I also love daisies.
66) Do not like red roses.
67) I have had over 200 stitches in my body, from my chin to my ankle surgeries.
68) Speaking of my chin, when I was 7 years old I decided to jump into a pool down in Florida backward. I slammed my chin on the edge of the pool and busted it right open. I still have the scar.
69) I still think of dirty things when I see this number. Tee-hee
70) I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and English
71) I have a Masters of Arts in Education.
72) I have two teaching certifications--one in Elementary K-5 and the other in Middle School Language Arts.
73) Right now, I am teaching 3rd and 4th grade Mathematics. Makes sense right?
74) My favorite band is Queensryche, followed by Motley Crue.
75) I have a guilty pleasure of cheesy pop music (Britney Spears for example.)
76) I edit my iTunes library at least once a month.
77) I have no problem being pale.
78) I will even wear black during the summer. It does not bother me.
79) I survived the 110 degree heat-wave in Paris, France in 2003. (you know the one where over 10,000 people passed away because of heat exhaustion and NYC had a major blackout? yeah that one.)
80) Spring is my favorite season.
81) I love snow when it is falling and fresh, but not after it is shoveled.
82) I wish that Saturday morning cartoons were still around.
83) I still watch 80's and 90's sitcoms, especially on Nick at Nite or TVLand.
84) I love watching E! True Hollywood Story.
85) I am not a beach person
86) Also not a country person.
87) But a nice park with trees and mountains and a lake will make me happy.
88) I can not sleep past 6am, even on the weekends.
89) I have been part of the onling blogging world starting with LiveJournal since 2001. I changed usernames in 2004 but still used Livejournal until I started this journal back in February of 2010.
90) I sneeze in three's.
91) I can not stay in one position for a long time. My legs get stiff.
92) I read my old journals for writing inspiration and nostalgia.
93) I can not drink heavily caffeinated sodas, like Mountain Dew.
94) I have a goal of visiting every state in the United States. Airports do not count!
95) I went to a private high school where my class size was 9.
96) I went to a Jesuit college in New Jersey.
97) Everyone in my family except for my father works for Jersey City Public Schools.
98) I have two dogs named Hudson and Sweetums.
99) I have a tendency to snack more than eat big meals.
100)This list took me all week to write!


  1. I loved reading these facts! It would have taken me so long to write these out and especially find some interesting ones like these! Hope you have a great Easter!

  2. Thank you Lindsay! It took me all week to do, but since I have a lot of time on my hands (points to foot) it was a breeze. Have a Happy Easter!


  3. Haha I love the "wear pyjama pants and UGGs" thing, that is so American, and they're often seen at a Starbucks ;)

  4. Ah we have so much in common!! I love to watch sitcoms on nick at night!! I need to try the vanilla chai lattes at Starbucks!!!

  5. We have a lot in common too!
    Specifically 16, 23, 25. My laptop's name is hank the toaster, ipod is MC pod pants, TV is frank.
    Also: 29, 32, 35 (but only when we lived in Vancouver, I'm ok showering home alone now that we're back in our home town where I'm not scared of random crackhead break-ins), 42, 44, 54, 65, 78 (I love to wear black!), 81, 82, 83, 92 (although sometimes it makes me feel icky when I read about old flames), and 99. Because I'm sure you wanted to know ;)
    Since you and Jacque did this I totally want to.. and I'm sure it'll take me all week as well!
    xo cait


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