Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #6--April 9th Edition

While looking through my old online journals, I came across this Heavy Metal Test thing and thought I would share for this weeks F3:

A: Autograph
B: Bauhaus
C: Cinderella
D: Dokken
E: Extreme
F: Firehouse
G: Grim Reaper
H: Helloween
I: Iron Maiden
J: Judas Priest
K: Krokus
L: Lucifer's Friend
M: Megadeath
N: Nelson
O: Overkill
P: Poison
Q: Quiet Riot
R: Ratt
S: Skid Row
T: Tuff
V: Vixen
W: Whitesnake
Y: Yes

Well...I missed 2 letters--X,and Z. I wonder if any bands actually use those letters.
But I guess I am a big 80's metal head if Icould do it though.


  1. B for BEATLES please,lol...
    even they were not playing heavy metal music,
    but they rock... i crazy about them...

    and from the list, i like extreme, firehouse, hallowen (esp. forever and one and power)...



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