Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 1st Edition

Here is what I am so in love with this week:

--Rediscovering the greatness that is PANDORA Radio. You can make your own radio stations based on a artist you like and Pandora puts together the station based on the similar sounds of the artist you put in. Love it.

--Planning adventures for when my left foot is all healed.

--Playing this over and over: Choose Your Own Twitter Adventure!

--This Song:

--This Song from Gala's Spring Mix:

--So so true, thank you Charade:

--All of the birthday wishes I received! Thank you!

--My new Hello Kitty watch! My new Bop It! My new tangle free headphones!

--Lady Gaga featuring Sesame Street "Telephone":

--Participating in Blog Party on A Beautiful Mess. It was a fantastic idea!

What are you so in love with this week?


  1. I am totally in love with the new Elsie painting I just spoiled myself with! yay!

  2. I'm in love with apartment that I just cleaned:)


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