Monday, September 30, 2013

Things I Love -- September Edition

This month has had its ups and downs. Returning back to work, dealing with the anniversaries of the death of my dog Sweetums and my first cousin Sweetums, and still trying to get my RA into remission. But there were some happy moments this month and with that lets get this party started!

Here is what I loved for the month of September:

--A random stranger on 14th Street shouting at me "Work that strut girl!" Made me feel powerful and in charge.

--Someone took sidewalk chalk and drew an arrow and underneath it wrote TO HAPPINESS. Nice to see some P.M.A. in the hard knocked life city known as New York.

--The return of football! I am not the biggest fan but it is a fun sport to watch.

--This video has a great message. LIVE IN THE MOMENT people!

--This video is ME to a big ole capital T:

--Seeing a young cute couple holding hands when exiting the turnstiles and going up the stairs at the PATH station. I remember those young love kind of days. Brought a big smile to my face.

--Declaring my school year NO STRESS NO BULLSHIT. My health is much more important than stress and bullshit. I want to be healthy. End of story.

--This cover of Empire State of Mind by Halestorm. Thanks to Rich Concannon for sharing it:

--Going to The Sands hotel and casino in Bethelehem, PA and getting carded as I entered the casino. I must look that young or when in doubt...

--Taking care of the outdoor cats around my house by leaving out food and water in my backyard. Unfornuately due to allergies and my little old man dog Hudson the cats can not come inside but it is nice to take care of them.

--Having a friend of mine call out an African money scammer and posting it on YouTube. Watch it:

--That the chicken wings at Hu Kitchen have returned to the menu!

--The new song "Going to Hell" by The Pretty Reckless. Check it out:

--The cider doughnut scented candle from Bath and Body Works. Smells so good and is putting me in an Autumn state of mind...

--My nerdy bff Veronica and her husband/my fellow Nerd Herder Damian are in the midst of making a full length feature zombie film and I could not be any prouder that they are achieving their dreams. They released a short teaser. Go check it out:

--SWEATER WEATHER RETURNING! Love the brisk Autumn air and cozying it up under a soft cable knit sweater. So glad Summer is over.

--Getting excited for all things October! I have not been this excited in a long long time. I think it is due to my health/RA finally getting under control and I can start to be Dani again with some new twists.

--Changing bad habits when I had a rough week/hard week at work or in life. The old me would sit on her bed and gorge herself full of sweets and bad food. Now when I had a rough week I go swimming, do some laundry, light some candles, read, watch some television with a big mug of green tea. I felt so much better too.

What made you swoon and double over in love this month?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things I Love -- August Edition

Wow is it the end of August already? Shoot does time fly. Granted August did move slower than usual which I like because of what the next month is but we will not talk about that month. End of the month means it is time for another...

THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY!!! Which is really Things I Love Sunday since this is published on a Sunday...I think I should just change the title to Things I Love.

Here are the things, videos, songs, whathaveyous, that I have loved this month:

--My face decided to go back to its teenage roots and break out like crazy this summer. I quickly learned that drugstore products are so much better than the brand name products at Sephora. I will still use makeup from Sephora but when it comes to facial cleaner and moisturizer, give me some Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub, Formula 10.0.06 Best Face Forward daily facial cleanser, some aloe vera gel, Noxzema triple acne treatment pads (that sting like a bitch but work!)and Glysomed daily moisturizer. My face cleared up in a matter of two days. Thank you Duane Reade!

--Getting into a morning and evening facial washing routine to keep my acne from coming back like I mentioned above.

--Drinking 64oz of water a day. It really helped flush out my system of bad things and cleared up my skin.

--Becoming addicted to the blog Fashion of Fandoms and using it as inspiration for future cosplays.

--CM Punk's Grammar Slam on the Nerdist channel during You Tube Geek Week. If you have not seen it, look it up now!

--The television show The Exes on TVLand.

--This video. Damn girl work that twerk:

--I love Food Network and the television competition show Chopped. When Felicia Day made this for You Tube Geek Week, I squeeded like the little fangirl I am:

--Having another wrestling meme photo made for something I suggest my friends play with me during Monday Night Raw:

--This song:

--The spicy pecan seasoning my mom bought recently. I have put it on my eggs in the morning as well as sandwiches and salads and it is nummy!

--Green tea and thunderstorms after two brutal days of humidity.

--This photo. Look at the couple that is circled:

--This video was part of the Confidence Vitamins article by Alexandra Frazen, which all of you should read by the way, and it is truly brilliant:

--Walking into Bath and Body Works and smelling all of the fall candles. My favorite right now is the cider doughnut. Love me some fall inspiration items!

What are you so in love with for the month of August?