Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things I Love -- August Edition

Wow is it the end of August already? Shoot does time fly. Granted August did move slower than usual which I like because of what the next month is but we will not talk about that month. End of the month means it is time for another...

THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY!!! Which is really Things I Love Sunday since this is published on a Sunday...I think I should just change the title to Things I Love.

Here are the things, videos, songs, whathaveyous, that I have loved this month:

--My face decided to go back to its teenage roots and break out like crazy this summer. I quickly learned that drugstore products are so much better than the brand name products at Sephora. I will still use makeup from Sephora but when it comes to facial cleaner and moisturizer, give me some Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub, Formula 10.0.06 Best Face Forward daily facial cleanser, some aloe vera gel, Noxzema triple acne treatment pads (that sting like a bitch but work!)and Glysomed daily moisturizer. My face cleared up in a matter of two days. Thank you Duane Reade!

--Getting into a morning and evening facial washing routine to keep my acne from coming back like I mentioned above.

--Drinking 64oz of water a day. It really helped flush out my system of bad things and cleared up my skin.

--Becoming addicted to the blog Fashion of Fandoms and using it as inspiration for future cosplays.

--CM Punk's Grammar Slam on the Nerdist channel during You Tube Geek Week. If you have not seen it, look it up now!

--The television show The Exes on TVLand.

--This video. Damn girl work that twerk:

--I love Food Network and the television competition show Chopped. When Felicia Day made this for You Tube Geek Week, I squeeded like the little fangirl I am:

--Having another wrestling meme photo made for something I suggest my friends play with me during Monday Night Raw:

--This song:

--The spicy pecan seasoning my mom bought recently. I have put it on my eggs in the morning as well as sandwiches and salads and it is nummy!

--Green tea and thunderstorms after two brutal days of humidity.

--This photo. Look at the couple that is circled:

--This video was part of the Confidence Vitamins article by Alexandra Frazen, which all of you should read by the way, and it is truly brilliant:

--Walking into Bath and Body Works and smelling all of the fall candles. My favorite right now is the cider doughnut. Love me some fall inspiration items!

What are you so in love with for the month of August?

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