Monday, March 31, 2014

Things I Love -- March 2014 Edition

Wow is it the end of March already? 2014 has been going fairly well for me, even though right now I am in the middle of a retrograde but dealing with it well. Well enough of that negativity, lets get on with the louvre at hand!

Here is what I love for the month of March --

--The song "Work B*tch" by Britney Spears. Yes I know it was out in 2013 but I am always late to the party. Listen to the song here:

--Finally realizing the reason of my dating/single slump and that is being afraid of falling in love again. I do not want a repeat of 2005-2013 so I have put up this massive wall around my heart. It is time to start tearing that wall down brick by brick and open my heart back up to receiving and giving love.

--The teaser trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Oh my goodness is it filled with loads of sexy -- check it out here:

--Having movie dates with my father. We went to see Mr Peabody and Sherman and it was great!

--Getting addicted to the show Sons of Anarchy. Did not think I would but damn is it a great show. I know most women lust after Jax Teller, and do not get me wrong he is fine but my cleanup on Sons of Anarchy would have to be Juice.

--Watching a very lovey dovey couple sitting in Argo Tea Cafe and smiling over it.

--Eavesdropping on a French conversation and understanding all of it.

--That one of my favorite cartoons, Peanuts, will have a movie coming soon! Watch the teaser trailer here:

--Having one of my students ask me if I was allergic to boys. It was cute…especially at that age.

--Starting a new morning and night routine with The Five Minute Journal. It makes a difference.

--My friend Daniel telling me about this great violinist named Lindsey Stirling. This is my favorite by her:

--Having great discussions over books at Argo Tea Cafe with my Geek Girl Adventure Group. It is inspiring to actually talk to women with similar interests and ideas and that it is not all about shopping and the latest material items.

--This article. Yes What To Do If You Are Falling Out of Love with NYC
What are you in love with for the month of March?

--Spending the birthday with my mom at The Sands in PA!

--Receiving surprise birthday flowers from Daniel when I returned home from The Sands in PA with my mom.

~~Chocolate almond cookies…soooo yummy!

What are you in love with this month?