Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--April 8th Edition

Here is what I am so in love with this week

--Reading through my old LiveJournals for inspiration. A lot of those old blogs were just spur of the moment writing, what happened in my day kind of diary but it is still cool to look through it every once again.

--Having blog posts scheduled for weeks to come! I think my life is going to become hectic as soon as I return to work so I tried to set them up before hand.

--Being all caught up with my Awe-Manac writing.

--Shar Pei puppies!

--Getting into television shows that have been cancelled for a while, i.e. Everybody Hates Chris and 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter

--Getting my hard cast off and receiving a walking velcro boot.

--Hearing the birds chirp and imagining that they are having conversations.

--Apples with whipped cream and nuts. It is a unbaked apple pie!

--Insane gorgeous weather! I do not care that I am in a velcro walking boot, I managed to get outside on my front porch and bask in the sun and blow bubbles. It was fun.

--When my fiance' describes my injury as being on the DL. He is a big baseball fan.

--New electronics for my computer!

What made you so happy and in love this week?


  1. oh my goodness that peep vase is too cute!!! There are a lot of things making me super happy this week, like it warming up to 60 degrees after being 30 and below for the past 6 months. amazing Happy Mail and new friends :)

  2. congrats on getting that hard cast off! i know you've been waiting for that so long. YAY! :D I am totally with you on being in love with the gorgeous weather. Ciao girlie.

  3. oh oh oh!! what kind of project idea??? email me!!!!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Such a lovely list!! Glad that you got your cast off!! Blowing bubbles sounds like so much fun!


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