Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tootsie Tuesday--March 30th

I decided last week to stop talking about sports on Tuesday as I really do not have a lot to say about the subject. I am a major hockey fan (LETS GO DEVILS!) and I started to follow football and baseball when David and I started dating, but in reality I am not a hardcore sports fan like him. So why write about something that I really do not have a passion for? Therefore I will stick to Kayfabe Mondays, Things I Love Thursday, and Fun Fact Friday.

Then I started to think...what can I write about on Tuesdays? I KNOW! MY BROKEN FOOT!

In case you have not seen my other posts or following me on Twitter or Facebook, my full time job is a school teacher in the Jersey City Public Schools. When I was laid off from my part time job at Saint Peters College, I decided to do lunch duty at my school since the pay was the same.

Let us fast forward to March 4th. I have lunch duty with the 4th grade class that I assist with for Math and Language Arts. Since it was a cold day, I decided to keep them upstairs and have recess in the classroom. 11:20am--the time I take them down to the cafeteria. Now when I escort students anywhere, I walk backward. Why? Main reason--to make sure everyone is there and that they are behaving correctly. As I was walking backward, I tripped on something and twisted my body and down I went. Of course some of the students laughed and others helped me get up and I said to the students who laughed "When you get hurt, and I see it, I am going to laugh myself until next week." I walked down the stairs slowly as can be because I could not put all of my weight or any weight onto my left foot. I knew something was wrong. I got the students down to the cafeteria and the teachers I work with told me to go to the nurse and that they would watch my students. I hobbled my way upstairs, called the accident into workers compensation, and called my mom to come get me to take me to the urgent care center.

About 3 hours later I was in a fiberglass splint to reduce the swelling in my foot and I broke the 5th metadarsal, which is the pinky toe, also known as the Jones fracture. I guess it is a common fracture. Anyway, I was placed on a mandated staycation. On March 16th, the splint was removed and I got a hard walking cast. It comes off on April 6th and then we will go from there.

So, how has it been? IT HAS BEEN HORRIBLE! I have the worst cabin fever ever. There is only so much reading, word search puzzles, and interwebs a girl can do. I miss my students. Yesterday was my birthday and it felt like any other day. Due to the rain, my foot has been really sore and throbbing lately so I have been sleeping a lot and keeping it up a lot. I missed Phoenix due to this and I am hope that I do not miss any of my other scheduled adventures with David.

Well, that is what is up in a nutshell. I will write again next Tuesday to let you know the diagnosis.


  1. happy belated birthday! are you back at work in your cast? my friend also broke his foot this school year [art teacher[. two or three girls got in a big fight [BIG girls] and as he pulled one off, she pulled another girl, and they both landed on his foot. OW.
    by the way, i admire your patience! elementary is HARD. middle school is just psycho, but elem is hard! hahaha

  2. Thank you very much Roxy! No I am not back at work in my cast as I am a floating 3rd and 4th grade Math teacher and have to do a lot of walking and standing, which the doctor does not want me to do. That sucks about your fellow teacher! Thank you very much for the compliment of patience. I worked with 7th grade last year for Language Arts (helps to have dual certifications!) and you are right...PSYCHO....



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