Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--March 4th Edition

Ahhh the beginning of Spring...let me be the first to welcome to the lovely month of MARCH when snow begins to melt, trees begin to bloom, weather starts to warm, and my birthday all encompass. Now let us move on to this weeks TiLT!

On this Thursday March 4, 2010 I heart....

--The fact I was laid off/terminated from Saint Peters College: Okay I know what you are thinking "You are happy that you were fired?" and the answer is YES. While SPC will always be in my heart and I still have lots of love for my alma mater (Got my bachelors and masters degrees from there), working 12 hours a day was really taking a toll on my creative spirit and energy. I come home at 330pm now and have practically the entire day to do what I want whether it is writing, doodling, taking a nap, or playing with my dogs. I love it a lot!

--Found out this yummy news from Gala Darling back in February--DARIA IS COMING TO DVD! I added it to my Amazon wish list which can be found here--

--Another thing from Gala: She has a new header on her website and she included my phrase TWO THOUSAND AND AMEN in it. It made me all fuzzy and warm on the inside.

--Marathons of Silent Library on MTV. Wish I was 28 years old so I could be a part of it. What is this show I speak of? It is a Japanese game show. Object of the show--everyone gets a card and if you get the card that has a skull and crossbones, you have to do a punishment. If you do the punishment and your team stays quiet, since you are in a library, you get money! First round is $300, second round is $400, third round is $800 and final round is $1,000. Except for the final round, all three rounds have 3 punishments. They finally started using girl contestants!

--My favorite new drink which is Pomegranate juice and seltzer water. It is great when I am craving a soda yet it is good for you! I also add pomegranate juice to apple juice for a refreshing juice cocktail.

--Editing my Netflix list since I have lots of time now for movies!

--Working out my finances with David who is very savvy when it comes to money.

--Getting a week reprieve of sports fandom.

--Warm apple slices with raisins, walnuts, and honey. Nice healthy dessert!

--Getting diet ideas from my favorite chef Alton Brown

--That my phenomenal fiance' David calls me to just say sweet dreams.

--My broken foot. Why would I love that you ask? All of the constant attention!

So what are you loving this week?

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