Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Awe Wednesday--March 3rd Edition

I got this great book called The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder by Jill Badonsky. To copy the product description from, it states and I quote verbatim--A playfully practical guide that’s a refreshing twist on the revered Farmer’s Almanac, The Awe-Manac provides daily forecasts and directives to help readers make life more creative, amusing, gratifying, and extraordinary—every day of the year! Through 365 days, readers are encouraged to think more brilliantly, laugh more often, make art or write creatively, and simply add a lot more “awe” into daily life.

Brimming with Jill Badonsky’s colorful, whimsical art, and filled with fun features like “Soul Vitamins,” “GlumBusters,” “Daily Toasts,” and “Doses of Mirth,” The Awe-Manac will be an enchanting “companion” throughout the year—a perennial guide that invites its readers to find the joy and amusement in every day.

Just to let everyone know, I am starting this Wednesday feature from the very first journal juju I wrote--on January 1st, 2010 in my paper journal.

So on January 1st, I wrote in my paper journal this "There is no way I can anticipate all the good things that are going to happen this year."

Today's Aha-phrodisiac is this: Write a list of why I write. Well this is why I write.
--To release any angry thoughts.
--To release thoughts going on in my mind
--To remember important info
--To collect moments
--To collect memories
--To feel creative
--To make myself feel better
--To keep my degree of English in motion
--To keep my friends who read my online journal in the loop
--To keep my muses happy

That is all I can come up with. So why do you write or do art? If you do not at this moment, would you want to? Why?

Your Daily Soul Vitamin: I write for the same reason I breathe--because if I didn't, I would die."--Isaac Asimov

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