Monday, March 8, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--March 8, 2010 Edition

In honor of Womens History Month, WWE has produced this video:

For those of you that know me outside of the Internetsphere of the world know that I am a major fan of Women's Wrestling. It seems that true womens wrestling is on the upturn as there are companies forming in the United States that showcase just that--WRESTLING. Companies from Shimmer Wrestling in Illnois to Womens Superstars Unleashed in the Northeast to La Lucha Femil in Mexico and now Wrestlelicious, people are starting to take notice...FINALLY.

Unfornuately, there are still the opponents of it, the "anti-feminism" viewpoints of wrestling.

I made these two videos to get people to watch TNA Impact on Thursday nights on SPIKE before the big move to Monday nights. I will admit I used the "sex sells" policy in them but I want you to take a look at them:

One of the comments dealt with Awesome Kong that said and I quote verbatim "yeah.....Awesome Kong is an obese ugly knockout and she will knock you out...WHEN YOU LOOK AT HER B/C SHE IS THAT DAMN UGLY" Instead of looking at her skill, her training (she is originally from Japan which womens wrestling is revered) and her ring psychology and went straight for her looks. As the old cliche' says "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." but that is not the point of this blog.

Why is it that when we watch men wrestle it is all about skill, talent, ring psychology, where he was trained and so forth but when it comes to women who wrestle it is all about how big her boobs are, how her makeup is done, and who did she sleep with to get to where she is. We as a wrestling community need to be equal when judging who we like and who we do not like--not based on looks but based on skill. Until we do that, it seems that womens wrestling will never be in the same spotlight as mens wrestling in the United States.

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  1. It's sad I remember when Trish and Lita main evented RAW a few years ago and everybody flipped out. The thing was that it had never been done and it was a good match. I agree if they would let em be wrestlers instead of bimbos then they would give the business an added boost. Great blog post.



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