Monday, March 15, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--March 15th Edition

Hello there true believers of kayfabe!

So in about two weeks, more like 13 days, Wrestlemania 26 will happen in Phoenix, Arizona and I am not that excited. Originally I was going with David but due to my klutz factor I fell and broke my foot. Now I know that arenas and hotels and airlines have to make adjustments for me, and while that sounded so nice, I just did not want to deal with rude ignorant people. Plus getting around is kind of hard at the moment. I am healing nicely though and the constant pampering is a plus. But that is not the point of this article...the point is--why am I not excited about this years Wrestlemania.

When I went to my first Wrestlemania, it was Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit. It was the first big trip that David and I took. It was the first time I was traveling on an airplane without my family. I was EXCITED. The lights, the pyro, seeing friends from the internetscope, all that. Now there was some drama, but name a trip that does not have its drama.

Wrestlemania 24--in Orlando on my birthday weekend. Need I say more? I got a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY chant at the TNA Impact tapings, I saw my friend Paul who I have not seen in a dogs age, finally got to Universal Studios and it was the best trip ever.

Wrestlemania 25--HOUSTON, TEXAS. Granted it was a week after my birthday but it was still huge. Opening day weekend, HBK vs. Taker, sightseeing a lot, and experiencing the greatness that is TEXAS food.

Now this year...and it is just eh. Even before I broke my foot, it was just eh. The only thing to really see is the countryside and I am not a big countryside looking kind of girl. There was the excitement of Alice Cooperstown Restaurant, but considering I am meeting the man himself in April, those winds kind of stopped. Then you have the card:

HBK vs. Taker 2: Um, it is not going to hold a candle to last years match. We all know that UT is retiring in the future and Shawn usually takes time off after Mania anyway. Big whoop.

Edge vs. Jericho: this match can be on any other PPV. It just seems lackluster.

Money in the Bank match: I will only be happy if Christian wins as he deserves it.

Shomiz vs. Black Knight and White Shadow: Again, who cares.

I remember growing up that Wrestlemania was HUGE. Now it is just another pay per view. Even the Hall of Fame is blah at best. I just hope next year in Atlanta, the status of Wrestlemania will be restored.


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