Monday, March 29, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--March 29th Edition

Before I go into my feature for today, I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to well..ME! Also add in Michael P.S. Hayes.

So last Thursday, Vince McMahon had a few choice words to say to Acorn Online concerning TNA Wrestling. Here is what he said: Speaking to Acorn Online, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon rips TNA for its struggle to make any sort of impact in the ongoing "Monday Night War" with his company's RAW telecast.

Notably, McMahon explains that TNA offers a dated product--"pro wrasslin'"--that is not compatible with the expectations of the modern WWE fan.

"We’re in different businesses," says McMahon. "We’re in the entertainment business and they’re in the ‘pro wrasslin’ business. It’s different markets. When they moved to Monday nights they threw the kitchen sink at us and only did a fraction of our audience. It doesn’t speak well for the type of product they’re trying to present with the tawdry, blood-soaked action. I don’t think that’s what the culture wants these days.”

McMahon adds that his company, which is "woven into the fabric of America," represents a true family affair.

Says McMahon, "If you look at the audience for our live events you will see fathers and sons and mothers and sons and brothers and sisters. This is something an entire family can go out and enjoy together. It’s a lot like baseball in that respect." (Credit source:

Now let us break down each of these points:
1) Vince McMahon mentions that TNA offers "pro-rasslin" while WWE offers "entertainment". Back when I was young, my brother and I watched World Class Championship Wrestling and NWA which then turned into WCW for PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. That is one of the main reasons why I watch TNA today--the nostalgia of watching wrestling with my brother. If I want to be entertained, I have Gossip Girl, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, 90210, Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Food Network.

2)Vince thinks that the American Culture does not want what TNA offers. Hmm..well if that is the case, why is WWE's ratings in the tank every week? Also, does WWE even listen to what their fans want to see? If they did, I think Wrestlemania 26 would not be as boring as it is right now.

3)That WWE is "woven into the fabric of America"--What fabric is that? It took close to 30 years to get professional wrestling out of the carnival sideshow where it started. Also, he speaks about "family values" and the type of audience that is in the arenas nowadays. Does he not realize that his best days of ratings and merchandise was when the Attitude era was around? I love how he tries to forget that.Another point brought up by Eric Bischoff-- Vince McMahon, the guy who wanted his son-in-law to perform a sex act on a dead body, asked Bischoff to make out with his wife AND daughter, owns a boat called "Sexy Bitch" and wanted Bischoff to promote "Hot Lesbian Action" on his show but yet calls TNA "tawdry". Can we all collectively say HYPOCRITE? Also, maybe WWE is trying a more "family friendly" style because the former CEO, Linda McMahon, is running for US Senate. Everything is a end-game and the end-game is that Vince is trying to get his wife into political office.

Finally, I hope Vince realize that COMPETITION is good for the economy of the United States as well as the professional wrestling industry. TNA Wrestling started seven years ago and they still have a lot of growing to do but it appears to me that Vince is scared. If he wasn't why would he mention TNA Wrestling? Why would they be in his mouth? I think TNA Wrestling did what they wanted to do--and that is start a war.




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