Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- November 3rd Edition

Happy November everyone! Can not believe this year flew right by. So many changes, travels, memories made. With the last two months of 2011 I am looking forward to ending this year right! With that said...let me hop onto the bandwagon of love and tell you what I am so much in love with this week.

~~Participating in the 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade in NYC. I dressed as "Snow White Sith" and handed candy out during the parade. Before the parade I bought a shitload of candy and as I walked the route I would either throw candy out or find a kid and ask them this--Do you know Star Wars? Do you know Darth Vader? Would you fight for the dark side of the force? If the kid said no, I walked away and said Sorry wrong answer...if the kid said yes he or she got a piece of candy. It was fun! The picture of my costume is on my Facebook.

~~All of the hugs I get from my students.

~~Being part of an exciting comic project with my close friends Veronica and Damian.

~~Having my own philosophy

~~Outlets for creativity

~~Vietnamese spring rolls

~~Cinnammon raisin french toast

~~Seeing the beauty in everything

~~The prospect of a day off

~~The magic that is Autumn

~~Soothing conversation

~~My students laughter

~~Cheerful responses

~~Having a free spirit

~~Wishing on stars

~~Having breakfast for dinner

~~Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes

What are you so much in love with this week? Please bear in mind that I would love to see your comments as I am dealing with my dog Sweetums possibly having cancer. She has a huge tumor on one of her legs and it causes her a lot of pain to stand and walk. Waiting on results of the biopsy to see if it is malingant or benign. Prayers and thoughts are really helpful at this time. I do not want to lose my dog.

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