Monday, October 24, 2011

Joisey Adventures: The 21st Annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade

This past weekend was all about smiles and laughter. My work week was done -- time for some relaxation and fun! Who could not use a big dose of smiles and laughter? This was my mission and I accepted it with furvor!

On Saturday October 22nd with a crisp fall air, I trekked down to Tompkins Square Park for the 21st Annual Halloween Dog Parade. 500 dogs and 3,000 spectators gathered at the run for the competition. I did not want to stand along the gate as I wanted to be up close and personal with the dogs so I made a $5 dollar donation to First Run Friends and snapped away, talked to a lot of people, petted a lot of dogs, and made my own dogs jealous when I got home. You see I have two big dogs -- Hudson and Sweetums -- who are both rescues. Since they are not service animals I would have to put them into a cage on the train. I love my dogs but I am not that strong yet to cart over two hundred pounds of dog! This was also a great opportunity to gain some ideas for costumes for my dogs....and myself as well! Please enjoy the photos below!

A Three Musketeer!

Steampunk Puppy!

A Hot Dog!

Mr Draper and Betty Draper from "Mad Men"

Puppy Clown!

Bride of Frankenstein!

Monkeys with a Banana!

Beekeeper with a bee!

Self explanatory!

Puppy Sightseeing!

The Lindenburg!

Puppy Pincushion!

Popeye and Olive Oil with their can of spinach!

Mama and baby peacock!


A Cat Burgler and the cop who caught her!

An ice cream sundae and pumpkin!

An MTA Subway train I would love to take!

Another bride!

An aircraft carrier with pilots!

Prince William!

Native American Puppy!€

A NYPD officer with the 99 percent!

Quote the Raven Nevermore!

A pea in a pod!

NYC garbage!

Dorothy and Scarecrow with a scarecrow and poppy!

The Good, The Bad, and the Puppy!

A hammerhead shark that I would not be afraid of!

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