Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- October 20th Edition

Whoa...has it been an entire month of not posting a blog? Apparently so. You see, I have entered the world known as teaching Kindergarten. It is crazy busy all day long so when I come home from work all I really want to do is sleep/nap with my dogs or go to Zumba. I did keep up on my writing in my notebook though so in a way I did blog but just not on the computer. I also feel completely horrible that I have not kept up with my Radical Self Love bootcamp. Life keeps on getting in the way whether it is book signings, conventions, trips with my mother, or that pesky thing known as work. The positive thing is that I am living my life my way without regrets. So without further adieu...

~~Going to New Orleans with my mom. It is a great city filled with so much life and realness and great food. Can not wait to go back!
~~Lemon rooibos tea
~~Sandwiches that come with yummy salads.
~~Hanging out in bookstores.
~~Always having a clean desk at work.
~~Having soup for lunch.
~~Having a stranger tell me that I was sweet enough and did not need to add anything to my tea.
~~The rain stopping suddenly when I was walking to a event last week.
~~Getting my groove back.
~~Feeling smart.
~~Getting work done before it is due.
~~Meeting some amazing people in my travels.
~~Intelligent conversation.
~~Having my own pot of tea
~~Simply syrup as a sweetener
~~Winning a bet
~~Spending time with my brother at TNA Wrestling Bound for Glory
~~Cutting negativity and drama out of my life.
~~Shelling pistachios.

What are you in love with this week?

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