Sunday, July 24, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 - a book or series you hate

I seriously try not to hate books as I think you can learn something from a bad book. But one book I hate with a passion is On The Road by Jack Kerouac. The book is so dull and boring and I hope the movie version with Kristen Stewart and Garret Hedlund is loosely based on the book because I really do not want to sit through this for 2 hours: Got on train. Met a man. He was homeless. He took me to next station. Got off train. Ugh!

A book series that I hate, which might come as a shock due to its popularity, is The Millenium Trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Girl Who Played with Fire/Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest) by Stieg Larsson. Just could not get into it and do not understand why the mass appeal and popularity. But then again, people can say the same thing about The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer which I enjoyed.


  1. I love Dean Koontz-he is one of my favorite authors. Usually I finish his books in a matter of hours. However, I had to force myself to finish Odd Thomas. I just did not like it. Then Koontz decided to write several sequels-ugh! I guess other people must have liked it. I can not stand the Odd character and the sequels are the only Koontz books I have never read.

  2. Ahaha, props for openly admitting to hating a book all these neo-hippies love!

    As for the trilogy - a friend of mine lent me the first book (Dragon Tattoo) and I read the cover and am already dubious. Will get to it. Eventually.

  3. Newly Domesticated: Thank you. I might try and give it another chance but as of right now, no.


  4. I had no idea of any detail about The Millenium Trilogy, but eventually got sick of seeing the cover *everywhere* and picked it up at the airport last summer. I actually ended up enjoying it though that kind of thing normally isn't my cup of tea. Couldn't get through Twilight though.

    I do have "On the Road" sitting on my bookshelf; haven't gotten to it yet. Now I'm nervous to do so xD


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