Sunday, July 24, 2011

100 Things That Make Me Happy -- Parts Six and Seven

Can not believe this series is almost over....I am in the midst of participating in a 30 Day Book Challenge and this challenge too. My creative writing muses are back baby! Love it. Anyway let me now show you parts six and seven of one hundred things that make me happy:

61: Knowing that David really loves me.

62: Completing a project whether it is knitting, photography, or journal writing.

63: Looking forward to the weekends to see David.

64: Seeing the one I love do nice and sweet things for a perfect stranger.

65: When the testing period in my school is finally over.

66: That my students actually learn something new everyday instead of regurgitating for a standardized test that does not count for much except for federal funding.

67: When an express train comes to a local stop I am at and I can just jump on.

68: Being able to pay for things on my own

69: Well…we all know what this number means…and yes I am happy for that!

70: Feeling appreciated from my fellow co-workers/teachers.

71: Being able to give directions to tourists in NYC.

72: Fruit and cheese plates, a good book, and a park.

73: Chips and salsa.

74: Good, authentic, Mexican food.

75: Being silly on the subway or bus with David.

76: A good rainstorm to cool down the summer days.

77: Receiving a phone call or a text from someone unexpected.

78: Train wreck television—better known as reality television. It puts everything in balance.

79: My broken in Converse sneakers.

80: The sport known as HOCKEY and the team known as the NJ Devils.

Stay tuned next week for part eight!

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