Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fun Fact Saturday: 50 Concerts

I saw this on one of my friends Facebook notes and figured why not give it a shot.

K, here are the rules. Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands (or as many as you can remember) you've seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and opening acts count, but only if you can't think of 50 other artists. Oh, and list the first concert you ever saw (you can remember that, can’t you)?

1: New Kids on the Block
2: Cherry Poppin' Daddies
3: Pantera
4: White Zombie
5: Deftones
7: Queensryche (at least 17 times)
8: Anthrax (at least three times)
9: Metallica (at least four times)
10: AFI (twice)
11: Lacuna Coil
12: GWAR
13: Bon Jovi
14: My Chemical Romance (before they became huge)
15: Mary Prankster
16: Lady Gaga
17: Taylor Swift
18: Disturbed
19: Sevendust
20: In This Moment
21: Ozzy Osbourned
22: Kelly Clarkson
23: The Drive (at CBGB's, rip)
24: The Donnas
25: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
26: Iron Maiden (twice)
27: Katy Perry
28: Mariah Carey
29: Heaven and Hell (RIP Ronnie James Dio)
30: Fridays Child
31: Skid Row
32: Blondie
33: Korn
34: Sean John
35: Parachute
36: The Nerds
37: Stephen Lynch
38: Vains of Jenna
39: Tommy Page
40: Lollipop Lust Kill
41: Machinehead
42: Coal Chamber
43: Down
44: Lynda Carter
45: NOFX
46: God Forbid
47: Nickelback
48: Collie Caillat
49: 22 Jacks
50: Bad Religion

(Man that was hard....)

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