Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--August 5th Edition

Love, love, love. This is the emotion that should be driving our world. I know that I try and let it drive mine. Anyway, what am I so much in love with this week?

--Seeing great off Broadway plays at very affordable prices.

--The chocolate marzipan bar at Think Coffee

--Seeing old friends at a baby shower and having lots to talk about.

--Exercising every day, whether it is the walking DVD I got or swimming. It feels so good.

--Wishing for time to slow down...really do not want to go back to work yet.

--Having days to just chill out. Last week was really crazy.

--New clean sheets on my bed.

--Searching for big fluffy unicorns with my best friend in Texas.

--Egg Whites with salsa and cucumbers for breakfast. Gave me so much energy!

--Feeling inspired to make money at things that I enjoy.

--Finding books to add to my wishlist with my best friend in Texas.

--Finally putting a dent into the books I have yet to read pile.

What are you so much in love with this week?

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