Thursday, August 5, 2010

Auto Repair: Help!

Now one of the topics I know the LEAST about is auto repair, which is kind of funny since my dad has always worked on cars throughout his life; even to the point that he tried to teach me how but my brain just did not want to work in that order.

So a friend of mine recently got a new car, which was the Ford F 150 and something went wrong. Apparently his check engline light came on and he didn't know what to He took it to his his local auto shop and then the dealership but it just did not seem right. "Danielle--can you help me?" he comes and then bam! I remember receiving an email from Repair Pal that dealt with finding the best price for auto repair and maintenance estimates. At the time, I thought this was not for me but then I quickly thought of my friend and directed him to the site.

This website is fairly easy to use as well as stores your information on your car so you do not have to constantly input in the particulars. It is a search engine for auto repair that is tailored to your needs. I highly recommend it, and this is coming from someone who is not a automobile owner as well as looking into getting a automobile!

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