Monday, August 16, 2010

Kayfabe Monday: August 16th Edition

Last Thursday, August 12th to be exact, Eric Bischoff decided to wage a war on his Facebook with various status updates attacking another wrestling promotion known as Ring of Honor. Here are the status updates just in case you did not see them:

Eric Bischoff, Controversy: From a fan that ACTUALLY watches the show: Sean Boncato Eric, the WWE fans who complain about TNA and "older guys" aren't even watching the product. If they did, they'd realize that the top 10 is mostly made of TNA guys (Angle is the only real "older" guy). And the old guys, like Flair, have been putting over the young guys, something that, if they watched the show, they'd see that

Eric Bischoff, Controversy: Can anyone name "new, young" talent that has drawn money (thats the real barometer in the business of the wrestling business") over the last 10 years?

Eric Bischoff, Controversy: Interesting resonses. Clearly the majority of people here have NO IDEA what drawing money is. ROH is not making money on TV, PPV or arena shows. Its a backyard vanity project for marks. No disrespect to the talent who are working hard, but NUMBERS DONT LIE, THEY DONT HAVE OPINIONS AND THEY DON'T HAVE AGENDAS.

Eric Bischoff, Controversy: Talent that "draws money" sell out major arenas, they set PPV records that they main event in, they sell millions of dollars of merchandise and migrate into mainstream media. It takes time. No top talent that has ACTUALLY DRAWN MONEY has been in the biz for less than 8 years with only two exceptions.

Source: Eric Bischoff, Controversy on Facebook as well as Eric's twitter page.

Now before I begin, let me first mention that I was a Ring of Honor fan first and became a TNA Wrestling Fan due to my fiance' David. I was around Ring of Honor since the beginning with Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry (RIP) all the way through the RF Scandal then to the Gabe Sapolsky scandal and even now. I will admit I have not been to a Ring of Honor show in a long time, I want to say 2 or 3 years, but still read up on the events and results.

Why was I a ROH fan? Simple: THE WRESTLING. Ring of Honor at that time revolutionized independent wrestling; showcasing talents that deserved to be showcased--from Christopher Daniels to Bryan Danielson to Doug Williams to CM Punk and everything inbetween. Rob Feinstein due to his involvement in ECW had an eye for talent and storylines and knew how to make it work. He listened to the fans; even to the point that the fans looked forward to their next event. When the RF Scandal happened, in my opinion, it started to go downhill.

There is one thing that eventually sours a lot of wrestling fans from independent promotions, especially Ring of Honor, and that is the smart mark, also known as a smark. What is a smark you say? Here is the definition:

Smark (or Smart Mark): a phrase coined by Internet wrestling fans to describe a fan who enjoys pro wrestling despite or because they know that it is staged, as well as generally knowing the "ins-and-outs" of the company and knowing many things about the industry or wrestlers collected by sources and are posted online. "Smarks" are generally looked down on by wrestlers as well as other wrestling fans for supposed inability to suspend their disbelief. Smarks may also be criticized for believing they know more than they do in reality about the workings of the wrestling industry.

I HATE THESE FANS. Want to know why? They have no problem bitching and complaining online about wrestling, but kiss the ass of various wrestlers and promotions/promoters. They act like they know more then the promotion/promoter/wrestler itself. If that is the case, why not start your own promotion, book your own shows, and train to be a wrestler if you think you know more?

What is my point of this blog for this week? Easy--lets stop the bickering with various internet sheets and talk to the right people if you feel that your favorite promotion is not entertaining you to the point that you like. As you can see Eric Bischoff is very accessible via Facebook and Twitter. Dixie Carter is also very accessible on Facebook or Twitter. They might even respond to you.

As always, I believe in Kayfabe,

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