Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--August 12th Edition

My heart is pounding with love and squeedom...but what is making my heart do this activity this week?

--Finalizing plans for Chicago and Atlanta adventures.

--Finalizing plans for Daytona Beach adventures, even though I am not a beach person.

--Visiting Chelsea Market with David and trying various cheeses, a Oatmeal Raisin and Coconut ice cream sandwich, and a wicked hot chocolate from JACQUE TORRES! It was a nummy night.

--Pretty Little Liars marathon on ABC Family! Glad I finally caught on to this show.

--Sleeping til 12pm most of the week.

--Catching up on my reading goal of 50 books a year.

--Having no peeling stage from my sunburn I got at Brighton Beach. I went from red to tan in a matter of two days. It was glorious!

--Reading various news stories and going "Really?"

--Thinking of various outfits for Chicago and Atlanta

What are you so in love with this week?

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