Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--8/19 Edition

Lots of drama going on this week, but there are some things that I am incredibly happy and in love with....

--Getting a big fluffy unicorn from my best friend Michael in Texas! Its a Pillow Pet and is just perfect.

--Going to see Rihanna and Ke$ha in concert with David

--Catching up with old friends on the telephone or through text.

--The veggie rice at Dirty Bird To Go in NYC

--Laughter with my friends.

--Having late night hockey jersey fashion shows with my best friend Michael. I had a big argument with David on Tuesday and Michael stayed up with me until 5am trying on all of his jerseys and making me smile. Granted David is my best friend too as well as my fiance' but Michael really stepped it up.

--Finding old photos of various events in your life and talking about the memories of them.

What are you you in love with this week?


  1. Well.. Sorry for I m hanging your own business but I just was very intrigued by your profile and I read your blog and I liked it very much so.. congrats! It s a really pleasure to know that in some part of the world, there is a teacher that loves mcr and rock music like u! It s a big new for me! And you re also from New Jersey so.. It is simply great. Sorry for the errors that I ve made, but I m italian and I m learning little by little English. Bye!

  2. Thank you very much Graziana! Do you follow my blog now? ~Danielle

  3. Hey pretty girl, love that you love the purse you bought :)

    I hope all is well!

  4. After an hard fight against my pc, I can finally follow your blog! It s a great success to me.Ok , now I m gonna become a little self-satisfied. Bye!


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