Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #19--Who Are Your Inspirations

While I was revisiting Love and Sequins #1 podcast by the very sparkly Gala Darling, one of her homework assignments, which are totally optional, is Make a list of people who inspire you, then jot down why. Well here we go..


--My mother. Okay, I know this probably sounds really generic and grammar school but it is true. My mother has gone through a lot in her 65 years on this world and always comes out glowing. If only everyone had a mother like mine--laughter, hard work ethic, bravery, does not give a damn what people think about her, speaks her mind, questions everything, and always with a smile.

--My amazing fiance' David. Another one that sounds generic but his ability to save money and crunch numbers and still have a good time is an inspiration.

--Bruce Campbell for bringing b-grade horror movies to the forefront.

--Alyssa Milano for being a tomboy and proving that just because you are sometimes girly does not mean you are not a fan of sports. Great work ethic, honesty, looks out for others, proud Italian American.

--My amazing followers who keep me going with my writing.

--Gala Darling of course! Her fashion sense and style, her way with words, her honesty, her sparkly and positive personality all make me wants to be a better person.

I am sure there are ton of more but wanted to give you a sample. Who inspires you?

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