Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--July 1st Edition

What has me jumping for joy this week?

--FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION! Granted I only went back to work on May 19th but it feels good to sleep past 6am and have the whole day to play.

--Watermelon Lemonade at Empanada Mama in NYC. So refreshing.

--Sorting through my laundry for summer stuff. I am talking tank tops, short sleeve shirts...more stuff to layer underneath my black dresses that are a little too revealing in the front.

--Washington DC in one day! It has been quite a while since I visited my country's capital and what better time to visit then the weekend of the United States independence and watch baseball!

--Walking from 14th Street to 43rd Street along 6th Avenue in NYC. Felt so good!

--Trying French Fries in Mayonnaise. It was interesting.

--My goodies from GrrFeisty!

--The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and seeing it hours before everyone else. Yay to being exclusive!

What has you jumping for joy this week?

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