Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kayfabe Monday--July 11th Edition

Thank you to Jamiewrestlingfan for this great information.

As many of you have noticed Impact has improved and there is a great reason for this--Tommy Dreamer is now apart of the creative team. Dreamer met Dixie months before joining TNA. Now I know a lot of you want Heyman to be part of TNA and that is still a strong possibility at this point, but Heyman wants to spend most of his time in TNA Marketing and Dreamer will still hold the book. Also it seems that Dreamer has become Dixie's right hand man. I do not agree on the fact that Rob Terry is not on anymore but Dreamer is the reason that Rob Terry, Orlando Jordan, and Rosie Lottalove are no longer on TNA Impact. Also, Dreamer said the only way he'll join TNA is if he was apart of creative. Dixie is very impressed with his style of writing and booking.

Now here is some information and plans that Dreamer has for TNA Impact and the wrestlers: Dreamer wants to cut and add certain wrestlers. Most the guys he booked in WWE developmental is excited about his new role. Dreamer's made it known he wants Daniels back in TNA. I personally agree with that. He also asked Hogan and Sting to take an Undertaker type schedule. He created an atmosphere backstage where talent can make suggestion which is not the style of Vince Russo who hated talent bringing him different ideas. Dreamer isn't a fan of Anderson being a face at all. Dreamer also wants the X Division to have a more international feel about it.

Dreamer has singled out AAA stars Aerostar, Jack Evans, Extreme Tiger, and the Apache Sisters. He also wants Sarah Stock do her Dark Angel gimmick. Dreamer's a big fan of Alissa Flash and wants to revamp the Knockout division. THANK GOD! The knockouts brought in the ratings so I am glad he is revamping it. He has setup another tryout match for Ken Doane. He knows Doane very well from OVW and WWE. Dreamer put in good words for Jimmy Yang, Carlito, Mike Knox, and several indy stars. Dreamer is also taking suggestions from Raven.

Dreamer has convinced TNA to hold off on signing guys who are not ready to come into TNA yet. The idea is to try and create new stars by elevating personal feuds. The feeling he has TNA needs to give fans a reason to cheer for talent or hate them. Just recently he told Red to use his old ring gear again. Dreamer told Red his old gear was a better way to market his image. The shirtless look made him look plain in the eyes of most viewers. Red went back to his old gear on the Houseshows this past weekend. Dreamer wants to make Red a big star.

TNA will see the return of a few NJPW stars. Creative plans on trying to make the Guns, Red, Wolfe, and Pope bigger stars in the eyes of viewers. Dreamer from all accounts know what he's doing. The guys who he wants to see excel most is Samoa Joe and Abyss. He want to make sure those two become the standard bearers of TNA's new direction. So in the coming weeks look for a more edgy in your face show. No matter who TNA hires rather it be Sullivan or Heyman, Dreamer will still have a lot of say in the booking.

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