Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--July 8th Edition

What is making my heart jump and splatter with loads of glee this week?

--SUMMER VACATION! Hopefully the days will go slow and September will take its time to get here.

--Trying different foods that are indigenous to the area of where I am. This past weekend I was in Washington DC with David and we tried a half smoke sandwich at Bens Chili Bowl. So good.

--Finally getting my hair cut! It is to my shoulder and layered. Feels so good.

--Playing with my dogs in the air conditioning of my room. Also getting lots of kisses from them,

--BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATION this Sunday in NYC. As David said, we will get our crepe' on.

--Watching Full House on ABC Family which has rekindled my love of Bob Saget.

--Finding ice pop molds and various ice pop recipes.

--Four Cheese crackers by Cheez-Its.

--That my phenomenal David wants to get into reading more. For all those who read my blog, RECOMMEND BOOKS. He likes sports book and autobiographies but is willing to broaden his horizons.

--That I was called personally by an executive producer from the Wendy Williams show to be part of a segment called "Ask Wendy". Originally I said I did not have a question but after some thinking, I just emailed the producer my question. Hopefully I will be picked.

What is making your heart jump and splatter this week?

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