Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday--July 15th Edition

Ahhh....summer is moving by so slowly and I LOVE IT. Besides that, what else am I in love with this week?

--The picture above! Thanks to Gala Darling for it.

--This just has to be the most ridiculous thing I have seen all week! If you click that, be prepared to giggle non stop.

--Going swimming with my mom. I usually hate to go into the water, especially with a lot of people around, but it makes it so much easier to go with someone who does not judge you.

--That I got a great filling lunch of vegetable dumplings and sesame pancakes for under $5 dollars in NYC. Where did I go--Vanessa's Dumplings on 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.

--The homeless man at the 14th Street PATH station who miraculously knows when which train is coming and leaving.

--Giving tourists directions in my favorite city.

--Apple and Walnut crepe' at the Bastille Day celebration on 60th Street.

--The chocolate sorbet sandwich at Dessert Club Chickalicious.

--Nice quiet nights at David's. We watched the MLB All Star Game, cuddled on the couch, made dinner together, and just enjoyed our time. We are usually rush rush rush all the time, so this was very special. Looking forward to other nights like this.

--Making two new videos. My creative muses were speaking to me I guess. I plan on making another later and while it is finishing I will finish reading my book!

--Getting up at 9am feeling refreshed.

What are you in love with this week?

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  1. Vegetable dumplings and sesame pancakes?! Oh, delicious!


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