Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Fact Friday #11--May 14th Edition

For this week's F3, I give you my 100 Things That Make Me Happy List! I would love to see what you come up with!


1: David Cohen—for all that he is. I appreciate him and love him more and more each and every day.

2: My Family—even though we sometimes get on each others nerves, I am grateful for all that they do and are.

3: Travel—just to be able to take to the sky or to the road and see new things makes me smile.

4: Very Good Sex with #1—need I say more?

5: Union Square Park—the atmosphere, the protests, the stores…just thinking about it makes me gush!

6: Plants in Bloom—shows life and love.

7: Warm Spring Days—I just love to sit outside and read or relax in the park on a warm spring day. Definitely makes me happy.

8: Hugs and Kisses from the people I love and cherish.

9: Laughter, especially from a young child.

10: Being there for friends in their time of need.

11: Having a tax refund every year

12: Waking up with thoughts of David running through my head

13: Hearing the words “I love you” every day

14: Sunsets

15: Sunrises

16: Having a big comfy chair to sit in to relax and read

17: My temperpedic bed…so comfy!

18: AOL/MySpace/Livejournal/Facebook/Twitter

19: Digital photography

20: Taking photos of beautiful women

21: Finishing a book

22: Starting a new book

23: Being able to sleep in past 6:30am

24: Going out on the weekends

25: The television shows Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, 90210, MTV Cribs, V, and Supernatural

26: Seeing the NY Rangers lose.

27: The NY Giants winning the Super Bowl

28: The NY Mets

29: Stargazer Lilies

30: Daisies

31: Having David make me dinner, even though I question his motives.

32: Vanilla Chai Lattes from Starbucks

33: Students passing my Mathematics tests

34: Random Acts of Kindness

35: Having flowers delivered to my jobs unexpectedly

36: Seeing the birds in my backyard garden and fountains

37: Watching a squirrel scurry across the top of my backyard fence

38: Hot Beverages and quiet time with David

39: Even though sometimes we are both broke, David and I can still have fun at his uncles house, whether it would be watching television or talking.

40: Watching David sleep.

41: Seeing affectionate couples on the subway

42: Being part of one of those affectionate couples on the subway. 

43: Being blessed with a phenomenal boyfriend and great friends. ;-)

44: Licking the pot after making chocolate pudding

45: A warm blanket straight from the dryer on a cold night.

46: Watching the July 4th Fireworks on FDR Drive

47: Butterflies

48: Cuddling with my dogs

49: Finally knowing the meaning of love and what it feels like.

50: Just being in love.

51: Finding and helping stray animals

52: Having all of my five senses to appreciate and love everything in life

53: That I have a job to go to every day, even though I hate it sometimes.

54: The fact that David is not only my boyfriend, but my best friend.

55: Being able to pay for my Masters degree with my own money and having no loans from a bank.

56: Two words—ICE CREAM

57: Staying smoke free

58: Staying drug free

59: When I think I am worth nothing, someone thanks me for being there in their life and tells me that I mean the world to them

60: Back rubs

61: Knowing that David really loves me.

62: Completing a project whether it is knitting or photography

63: Looking forward to the weekends to see David.

64: Seeing the one I love do nice and sweet things for a perfect stranger

65: When the testing period in my school is finally over

66: That my students actually learn something new everyday instead of regurgitating for a standardized test that does not count for much except for federal funding.

67: When an express train comes to a local stop I am at and I can just jump on.

68: Being able to pay for things on my own

69: Well…we all know what this number means…and yes I am happy for that!

70: Feeling appreciated from my fellow co-workers/teachers

71: Being able to give directions to tourists in NYC

72: Fruit and cheese plates, a good book, and a park

73: Chips and salsa

74: Good, authentic, Mexican food

75: Being silly on the subway or bus with David

76: A good rainstorm to cool down the summer days

77: Receiving a phone call or a text from someone unexpected

78: Train wreck television—better known as reality television. It puts everything in balance.

79: My broken in Converse sneakers

80: The sport known as HOCKEY and the team known as the NJ Devils.

81: Slow, passionate kisses that lead to something more

82: Playing in a fantasy hockey league and mystifying and impressing the male players at my hockey knowledge.

83: Making lists for myself to keep my psyche in check

84: Having a mobile phone that no one else has…yes I am unique like that.

85: Crispy Soul Chicken at Vegetarian Paradise 2

86: The restaurant Alice’s Tea Cup

87: My weird and wacky website calendar that I tear to show a different website for each day

88: Surveys on MySpace

89: When I get comments on my blog entries

90: The bands Queensryche and Motley Crue

91: People watching on the bus and subway

92: The smell of garlic cooking

93: When I get compliments on photos that I took. It makes me feel appreciated and creative.

94: The ability to communicate well with others.

95: The ability to hold my own in a fantasy football league, since I really do not know a lot of the players.

96: Being called for coverage at 8am. Yay extra money!

97: That I am one class away from having my Masters Degree and one exam away from another teaching certification

98: Even though I do not like the cold, I am happy for it as it means that global warming has not affected the environment too much on the East Coast.

99: That Spanish is now integrated with Language Arts. Yay for free time!

100: That I finally finished this list!

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  1. By the way, when I wrote this David was still "boyfriend". He is now "fiance'"


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