Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things I Love Thursday -- California Edition!

Well here I am...back in my New York City groove. It felt awesome to be away for 10 days on the Golden Coast; like Katy Perry would say. With my Betsey Johnson leopard tote bag in tow as well as my big red suitcase, I made my way to LaGuardia airport on Friday August 12th and returned to LaGuardia on Tuesday August 23rd.

Now I know what you are thinking -- you live in New Jersey but yet choose to fly out of NYC. Yes, yes I do. Newark International has a lot of problems in terms of security procedures and just crazy stuff happening as well as at JFK. When do you really hear of LaGuardia in the news for anything?

So with all of that said, here is my California edition of Things I Love Thursday

~~Experiencing no humidity while out in California.
~~Having unique hair bows where I went.
~~Visiting Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery and High Voltage Tattoo. The place is small compared to the television show. Unfortunately Kat was not there but I understand.
~~Realizing that I did not pack for California nights. It got chilly!
~~The awesome food. Went to Swingers Diner in Los Angeles and got a vegan Cobb salad and tortilla soup followed by a red velvet cupcake. Also went to Porto's and got the best Cubano sandwich I ever had. At the San Diego Padres game, I got a nice plate of tacos with re fried beans and rice. At the Anaheim Angels game, I had sushi! Why can't the ball parks out here have these options??? Finally, I had to break out a old tradition I had with my mom when we went to Atlantic City and that was CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN. Had a Thai Chicken Pizza and it brought me right back home...well in my mind at least. My last dinner in California was at P.F. Changs and it was the yummiest Chinese food I ever had.
~~Doing the Ghosts and Legends tour of The Queen Mary and actually get scared!
~~Realizing that I am smarter than I appear compared to people in Los Angeles. The stupid meter is off the charts. Also how can you live in LA and not know where anything is?
~~That I have manners and are polite to people when they are not to me. People in LA would walk or ride their bike completely passed you if you tried to stop them for help. It was ridiculous. Luckily we did not get totally lost and found what we needed.
~~San Diego Zoo is so much better than Bronx Zoo. 100 Acres of animals and foliage!
~~Walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame and squeeing over certain celebrities.
~~Taking 995 pictures of my trip.
~~Knotts Berry Farm! This amusement park was the first ever in United States history...way before Disneyland. Also their fried chicken restaurant...holy yum. Atlanta has a competitor...
~~Tours of Paramount Studios and Warner Brothers Studios. It was interesting to see where all of my favorite shows were taped.
~~Realizing that unless you have a car and drive, getting around California is hard with public transportation.
~~That I can walk for miles and miles.
~~Sticking my feet into the Pacific Ocean. Man it was cold!
~~Sticking my feet into the sand at La Jolla Cove.The sand was super soft unlike the beaches out here.
~~Feeding giraffes at San Diego Zoo and a lorikeet at Aquarium of the Pacific as well as petting sharks at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Can not do that out here.
~~The beautiful views of the San Diego Bay on the hornblower boat tour.
~~Actually enjoying the middle seat on a airplane.
~~Missing my family and my dogs.
~~Coming back to a newly decorated and painted room. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Nick!

If you would like to see my pictures from my vacation in California, please go here Danielle's Facebook

So what are you in love with this week?

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