Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I Love Thursday -- January 26th Edition

Hi there fellow readers and writers! Welcome to another week of Things I Love Thursday where I tell you what I am in love with this week. In my pursuit of happiness, one of the things that I have noticed that the more grateful you are, the more happy you are. So have gratitude and be happy! With that said, here is what I am swooning in love with this week:

~~Today is my close friend Michael's birthday! On Twitter his name is Peelman126 -- go wish him a happy birthday please?
~~Getting the stomach flu. Whoa whoa are probably saying why in the blue hell would you be so in love about that? Easy -- it caused me to slow down. A lot of times my life is rush rush rush and always busy. This was a way for my body to go "whoa there Dani, we need a break!" Got lots of sleep and rest and honestly feel a lot better.
~~Having Lauren and Veronica sing "Soft Kitty" to me on Facebook and Twitter to make me feel better.
~~Receiving cute e-cards from David when I was not feeling well.
~~Making plans with friend to see the movies that received Best Picture Oscar nominations.
~~This article: 20 Pictures that will make you feel HAPPY

What are you swooning in love with this week?

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