Wednesday, January 4, 2012

True Individuality

Individual: noun 1.a single human being, as distinguished from a group. verb of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a particular person or thing:

When I saw this particular topic on Charade Style today, my mind exploded. Every day people are inundated with images, songs, news stories and what have you telling you how to be. What to wear, what to read, what to listen to, and so on and if you do not "conform" you are considered evil and an outcast. So to not be bullied in school or in the workforce, a lot of people fall into the trap of the exterior influences and are not happy with who we are. I reiterate verbatim what Megan said: Let’s start channelling our power into making the best of the self we hold in our hands right now and give-up the complaining and the fight to be something else.

Let us all feel happy about who we truly are. Who cares what others think right? We all talk about what others have so let me be materialistic for a second -- The most precious item you have in your entire life is YOUR INDIVIDUALITY. What makes YOU stand out. What makes YOUR LIFE magnificent and delicious. It is all about mental attitude and what makes YOU happy. You are born with your own individuality. Your parents did not give birth to a magazine or a television ad. It is a lot simpler to be yourself and not worry than to try to be the person you think your family, friends, and strangers want you to be. Who really knows what they want anyway? A life of integrity and individuality is one lived as your natural self -- not as some fictional character made up to accommodate and please those around you. So be yourself in all of your glorious quirkiness. You may be surprised how many people like you for just that.

So with this statement, and something I do on a regular basis, I spent a day with myself and figured out what truly makes me, well, me. As the homework that Megan gave on her blog which is linked above--Be aware of your thoughts, your cravings, your talents, your motives, your ambitions, your agendas, your triumphs, your ideas, your thrills and your spills. I then came up with ten truly individual and amazing qualities that define who I am. So without further ado...

My Ten Truly Individual Traits

1. I am always polite and gracious. I believe in the old cliche' "Kill Them With Kindness."

2. I am a planner.

3. I am a bookworm.

4. I am creative with words, photography, and videos.

5. Music, especially heavy metal and punk rock, drive me.

6. I am intelligent.

7. I am a kid at heart.

8. I have a sense of style that leans toward the bright, sparkly, and colorful side of life.

9. I have a deep love for the sport known as professional wrestling.

10. I am intelligent.

Now I ask all of you -- what makes you, well, YOU?

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